character: ROBOT worrier horse


Hi all,
I just finished this 3-D illustration yesterday & I am sorry for having problems with my host:D, But I hope you will not have any problems today. It’s supposed to be a robot horse that is used by Arabian worriers some time in the distant future, It seems like there is a war going on at the time, & maybe this Robot has drifted away from the battle, maybe it was interested in the nature around it (The butterfly) so it followed it…

I hope that you like it, please give me your comments, It will help me to know what other artists think of the work !! :slight_smile:

softwares: LW8, BP3D, PSD8, 4 day to develop from my sketches.

Image render 1


wire 2



Here are more renderings :slight_smile:

Image render 2

wire 2


lol… that is really good… i like the sketch alot too


very nice, i love the model alot and the textures of the horse are great.

the only thing i find a little wierd is the horses shoes (hoofs?), it looks pretty hard for a big creature like him to get balanced on these kind of horse shoes, or does they dig into the ground and he get balanced that way?

good job

Edit: i also very liked the idea that the horse picked the way of nature (peace?) instead of the way of the war.


I am a great lover of horses and this is a very nice model! I like that it is not a typical type of robot style. I love the design and the textures. I like the rust and the old look that it has been used many times in war.

Beautiful model!



Thanks for your kind comments, I really appraise all the positive comment that I have received from every one. :):slight_smile:


can u perhaps show us more angles of the scene?
i would love to see the horse from more angles.

as i said, wonderful work


Very nice job! Good design. The horse still retains it’s elegance even though it’s mechanical.
Forgive me for correcting your spelling, but just too avoid confusion – it’s “Warrior” I believe you meant instead of “Worrier” which means an entirely different thing. Keep up the great work! :thumbsup:


4 stars from me man, this is simply amazing work! Love the metalic surface, the rust, the feeling in the scene, oh it’s just beautiful.

These are minor issues, but perhaps this will help.

  1. This might be on purpose, but the face (lips and mouth area) doesn’t fit with the rest of the body. It feels too organic. I would just make the whole thing robotic.

  2. Is it my imagination or do the back legs bend the wrong way? Would have to see a walk cycle but just reversing the way the knees bend might be easier. If you can pull it off, great though.

  3. The “hoofs” while highly stylized and unique (look cool), are not even close to practical, especially over that type of terrain and the weight of your horse. There would also be balance issues, when walking only 2 feet would touch the ground at once.

Keep up the good work, absolutely love the picture!



Hi again,
I am happy that you are enjoying this, These are a few different angles that I have rendered just for you. as you see it looks like a Motor Bike, in some places But thats up to you to judge.

Thanks again for the good comments , & yes I do feel that it will be heavy for the body to pick up this mass on this Kind of sand, but I tried to design the hoofs to look like the traditional Arabian Dagger (Omani Dagger) , I thought it would give a war like metal look to the over all concept, keep in mind that practical was not looked at in these design as a limitation, I tried to go loose with things. But thanks again on looking & considering the details here. :thumbsup:

Original landscape photo in Bahrain


my problem isn’t with the hooves… i just think the legs are too short. But the concept is really original… props for that, man.


Thanks, I think when I get more time, I’ll rig it up & see what happens:)



WOW! great job!! This looks like it could be from an old Sinbad movie. :thumbsup:


great man…~!!
it looks really devil…


sorry for not answering earlier, I just saw your posts & Thanks again for your great comments, all will be looked at in a positive way. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


nice very nice excellent work…

will us be able to see an animation of this horse
it will be fantastic if you can make a anim…

congrads very good:applause: :applause: :applause:


excellent! looks great from all angles. and i liked the idea of the horses shoes that resemble the arabian dagger. this peace is very original!

if i may ask, what does it say in the red writing? my arabian language skills arent the best =/ (i have been learning Arabian for the last 3 years in school, but its hardly enough), all i can read is the number ‘304’ (yes?) and the word ‘Arabia’ (am i right?)

took me time to figure it out :smiley:

coposition is great also

edit: i agree with the other post the the legs are a bit too short


Thanks for liking the concept, & about the Numbers you are perfectly right, Unlike some of the art that I have see on the net, They use Arabian or any other foreign language or even mix them to make it look like another planet or another time, But to the viewers that reed that language, It will looks too funny.

The tag simply says vehicle number 304, probably one of the many vehicles that was used in there tribes, If you want to try to pronounce it in Arabic—(AA-RA-Beeyaa), There are many types of vehicles That are available at the time, almost all have something to do with the middle Eastern climate, as you know in this weather hardly any thing survive.


so nice work i saw yr work before on newtek and you r realy a very good artist
hope u good wishes


wow:eek:, that’s very nice :thumbsup: