Character : Robot WIP (my first)


I have never posted a WIP at this forum before but I am hoping I will get a lot of helpful feedback. I have never made a character let alone a photorealistic robot either so I will be needing your help!. I am planning to spend tons of time on this, because I want it to be really good.

I have begun work on the model…just basic shape to help me see where I want to go from here. The texture is just a test. I want to stray from a more organic looking model.

I probably won’t get any initial comments because there isn’t much to say. I will post concept sketches later.


Here’s a concept sketch of the part I have begun modeling. As you can see I made the model’s head a little smaller because I want it to make the torso much more massive. I will also try this by making the legs smaller.

And here I have detailed the shoulder connections which will be my next update.


Not much to crit, but let’s try… Hmm for a mechanism whcih is suppost to move looks too rusty. Well the geometry looks fine for now. All I can do now is wait for more updates and see how this comes out at the end… Anyway good luck!


Thanks, borro! Yeah my roommate said it was too rusty also. For now I will work without textures and will worry about that later :stuck_out_tongue:

I am meshsmoothing with “Classic” style with little strength to get the plating look. I am going to need to use NURMS from now on but I don’t know how to retain the plating. I don’t want to have to go around creasing everything nor do I want to mess up the geometry with chamfering. Maybe I could just have meshsmooth work in little areas? Any suggestions on how I should do this?

Here’s an update:

And the rear:


Don’t everyone comment all at once. Okay, if there’s nothing you can think of for a critique, at least tell me where you think I should go with this project.


Played with a little color. I definately don’t think I wanna make this a clean robot.


your best bet is to use chamfer to keep the angles. It’s iritating but it tends to be the best way to get a harder edge, and you will find even when creasing that you will get a very sharp edge which isn’t really what you are looking for either. As far as those little wires that run from the shoulder to the arm, you might be better off with some other kind of mechanism. If the arms were to rotate too far, the wires would brake and by the looks of the way the arms are attached they would be able to turn a full 360. The drawing you have in your concept has a much more smooth curve on those big shoulder plates too, I personally prefer that to the angular “transformer” look you decided to go with in the model.
Either way, it looks like you have a good start. Keep it up.
Ignore the fact that few people may reply, I have the same problem.


Total re-do on the arms and general feel of the model. I’m going way less gundam - im totally over that. I want the porportions to show major power. I will make the legs small. I will add lots more detail later.



End of day 2. Here’s a rear view with added articulation on the ‘fingers’. Still wanting comments.


It looks like a really cool design. You have a bit of a Popeye thing going on with those forarms. I was thinking you have those jet packs (if they are jet packs) on the shoulders. If you put in a 2 part hinge (somewhat universal) in his chest just below the intakes he would be able to tilt back and launch himself. Just a thought. Also if you rounded out the design a little more around the intake a exhaust area it would look more like a muscle feature but in reality be a jet engine (simular to a body builder’s neck) (can’t think of the name for the group). Muscular looking features but mechanical in function would be quite cool.

Keep up the good work



Thank you for the help, ronson. You made me re-think my intentions with this robot. I have decided he WILL be more cumberson like this because his purpose is utility/heavy lifting (with an obvious cartoonish exaggerated style). If he became too nimble, he would look like more of a battle bot - which I am avoiding.

Here’s another update.


hey! this is pretty cool :thumbsup:

my only crit is that the lower legs seem a little to thin when you consider the size of the forearms. just my opinoin :slight_smile:


Tempest811, That certainly is an interesting look. I like the start you have here. I know your keeping the legs short but I think you should consider making them at least long enough so he can lower is arms and still be able to walk. Can you show a closer view of how your currently attaching the arm to the shoulder?

Ronson2k, I believe the name of that group is “Trapezius” (if I take your meaning correctly).


I agree but I am not so talented in the exaggeration department so how could I still have them seem sturdy yet disporportionally small?

I DO plan on adding wires/hydraulics to the hips and thighs to make them look a little more detailed. You think that would help?


What software are you using?

I like the design except for the lower body. I know you’re going for an exaggerated look, but I think you went overboard. It looks like he’s ready to fall over for lack of balance. You don’t have to make the legs much longer, but I think they should be thickened out quite a bit.
Nice work.


I am using 3ds max 5.

So beefier legs it shall be then. I will post an update soon.


very well realised and a nice comic tone


Okay, I spent some time actually thinking about these legs. I got it pretty much worked out now. I am much happier with these. They look just right to me. I also added a bunch of wires in the rear which you will see in the next step of updating.

Comments or anything you have to say I would love to hear.


first: v.nice robot so far. Love the top half.

Legs still seem a lttile too thin though. Maybe keep the top parts thin, and beef out the lower part - This will give him a sturdy base, and complement the look of the arms.


funny bot
I like the overproportion of the arms a lot


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