Character rigs / models / notes


forgot to post this on CGTalk…:eek:

an excellent IK rig, a cool model and some variations of both along with the setup notes and explanation in the form a of quick tutorial, a good knowledge of LightWave is recommended…

Presented in both French and English, all by Jean-Philippe Savariault and the translation by Kvaalen.



Thank you for the very nice tutorial. I was just looking for one on human rigging and IK, and I was very grateful to see it. It is very detailed and well thought out. I appreciate it. :slight_smile:


thanks michaelb, all credit to jeanphi and kvaalen really…

In response to a PM regarding the tutorial here’s some more info…

Hi Jean Philippe,

I’m sorry to bother you, but i tried to access the rigging tutorials that you put in your website, translated my Samuel Kvaalen. I have problems, I couldn’t find any notes or tutorials on how to set up the rig. I can only find the file to be download at the right hand side.

Click Foreword in the Navigation Tree to begin? sorry i cant find anything that clickable other than the file and an invisible button at the top left corner that goes no where.

Im really excited about your way of rig. its really cool!

Thanx a lot!

Hi …,
Its actually Colin Larkin here, however I am the right person to notify about access problems, so thanks for that.

There is a navigation tree on the left hand side of the page which uses Java and Java Script to navigate through the notes, sometimes (especially on slow connections) this can take a long time to render on your webpage.

If waiting does not work, it may be that your browser doesnt support Java, you have it turned off or a firewall is preventing it from downloading.

I am currently redesigning the layout to make it more accessible, but cannot give an estimate of when it will be ready.

Thanks again, Colin


Hey thanx Larkin, sorry for the mistake. :slight_smile:


Just a note to say that the zip download with this tutorial has been updated to include more rig variations and test cases.

And also has been updated from an HTML point of view, to make them more accesible to everyone.


My previous posting didn’t relate to your tutorial, so I had to delete it.
So I’m editing my reponse to say, I’ve downloaded the first tutorial and am waiting for the “thundercat” one to be done.

let us know soon.


Is there any nice tuts on rigging without weight maps? I think it is good for lazy riggers like me


THe rigging module that is part of my character course contains about 15 hours or so on rigging. I show a ton of information about rigging with and without weight maps. Its a lot of information combined with unlimited online support.


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