Character rigging & Animation fof games


Can someone answer me to a few questions, for Char rig & Anim:

1 is there a limitation about the “binding”, can i use the both smooth and rigid?
2 when i make some cycle (for example walk) do i have to make the character to move forward or just to walk in one place?
3 if i make few cycles do i have to bind them in the trax editor, or just make them one after one.


Hi! I’ll try to answer your questions.

1: The limitations on binding depend on which hardware you’re targeting at…
Newer gfx cards can handle more bones than older ones. You also have to keep the weights per vertex limited (I think direct x 9 gfx cards can handle 4 weights per vertex)
If you render in software instead of hardware there are no limititations except framerate.

2: Normally you animate your character in place and the game engine moves the model(ingame).

3: I dont know what you mean with “bind”. Traxeditor is always a good idea to see your animations blending together. You have to know how the engine handles blending between two clips -> can it blend over frames, or does it need the same pose at both the end and the beginning of different clips.

hope i could help you.


Thanks a lot. :applause:
Sorry for the trax editor i mean “blend” not bind its my fault.

OK you said “if i render on software”: is there a render when you make a characters for games?
I was thinking they must be exported in a specific file that the engine support (or perhabs i’m wrong)???
if i use a rigid bind can i use flexors? is that depending of the engine again?
For example i have a Robot model and i dont want to bind him, just to parent his part’s on the joint’s, is that possible (for the game engine)?

thanks again… i have a lot of questions about rig’s and animation for games. :slight_smile:


here are the limitation when using the Rendware 3.7 for games…on the ps2, xBox, and Pc:

Ps2 has a 65 bone heirarchy limit…Xbox has about 256

Renderware supports only smooth binding with 4 bones per vertex. It will export IK, IKblending, and Spline IK.

It will not support any kind of deformer like clusters or flexors.

If you are clever you can have certain deformers like jiggle that can (via constraints) control a joint that will deform the character.

The programer has to animate the Z movement of the character…so u have to animate the character in place. You will also have to animate any blends between animations if you dont want the animator to program a blend -which can be nasty cuz it will be linear-

Traxx can do blends…but dont be lazy…doing it yourself will look better.


Can i use both IK and FK on one character (IK for the legs and FK for the arms)?
When i’m ready with everything do i have to remove the controlers and deformenrs from the character before exporting him to the engine?
ok for example i will blend the cycles in the Trax Walk, run, crouch, get in a car - one after one and if in the game someone try to get in a car after walk, but that aren’t blended one after one in the trax how to blend everything?


u are asking to generic of questions. If you plan to export animations to a game…u need an engine and you have to be able to export a format to that engine. If you have that…then you should be able to figure it out by yourself. Not all engines are the same…and it has to be programmed if you want it to be usable.

The exporter will bake all of the ik and delete all of the control object…all the engine will see are the bones and that vertices that it moves. Nothing else.

To blend…you have to create a blend animation from the last frame of the walk cycle to the get in car animation. The blend would have to be hand animated(its just a normal animation)…otherwise it will look like shite.

I am doing a football game…where i have to animate a character with the different animations: standing…start walking…walking…running…running with ball…kick ball…running…stop running.


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