Character rig problem


:banghead: I just cant seem to figure out what is going wrong with my rig. I have read from lost of different places and i cant seem to find any explination to my problem, so i thought i would ask here. Ok i feel stupid about asking this but hear goes, how do you get the hips of your character rig to be able to move around while the feet stay locked down as well as have the hips locked in place and being able to move the feet with IK?

By the way this is Maya related :cry:

Ps. someone here has to know cause ive seen how the work here rocks. :buttrock:


do you have ik on the legs?


Yes :thumbsup: and i can move them fine but not the hip?


Don’t parent your foot Controller under the hip Controller… Instead put them both under a Master Controller if you want to move everything at once.

Btw, here is a pretty good setup:

more rigging help:


hey man… im your greatest fan… :scream: ur like a God in animation and rigging :buttrock: i have so much questions for you… but i dont know wat emailadd you usually use… :rolleyes: i have a wierd question… do you have a wife or family? :love: :twisted:


lol, that sounds a bit freaky man :slight_smile: Jason’s got a website called If you go there and ask questions on the forum he or other people will probably answer them for you.

Okay, having read your previous questions maybe it’s a good idea for you to email him privately :smiley:



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