Character: Red Terror (robot)


Well, here I am, back at it again after many many months of no modeling at all. I found a neat droid to model from the “Star Wars Essential Guide to Droids” book I have. Making conceptual drawings into 3D is probably what I like to do the most.

Time taken: 7 hours.
Modeled all in polygons.

and no… I don’t plan to texture it. At least not any time soon.

I would upload a slightly larger image, but there seems to be a 20,000 byte limit… I can’t even upload a fair quality 640x480 jpeg with that set in place… oh well. =P


it isn’t red!


Yeah I know. lol. I probably won’t texture it though like I said in my first post because I don’t know what it’s supposed to look like. The conceptual art was only a pencil drawing and there aren’t any images online that I can find of the Red Terror droid from star wars, so I’m out of luck. It’ll just have to stay grey for now.


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