character (RealTime): shiromiya


here’s a character i’ve been working on. its a real time samurai. about 7850 tris. color map, normal map and specular map. his name is shiromiya, he’s from a table top game about feudal japan.

Fixed the Head/Made it Slightly Smaller
(thanks for the crit guys :slight_smile: )


here’s the two texture sheets for color and normal maps


here’s the low res model and the hi res model the normal maps were extracted from:


That’s incredible. Especially for low-poly work. Thanks for sharing the detail on the topology and texture as well!:love:


you are possesed, never fail. kudos buddy!


yeah very nice, awesome low poly work, can’t think of any crits. texturing is awesome.

i agree thanks for sharing!!:bounce:


this is a great model working well as high an low poly.
was it your aim to build low or high poly?



thanks guys

my aim from the start was to make a real time samurai character

the low poly is built and uv’ed in max and then i exported it to silo to model the hi poly, the hi poly isn’t my best work, but it was built in 8 days in my spare time

after that it was back to max with kaldera to bake out the normal maps and then texturing using the nmaps as guides in pshop and bodypaint2

finally put it all together with with a biped and extra bones rig, pose and kaldera’s normal map material type and render and post in pshop for a beauty render

thanks for checkin it out



Very nice! I love the texturing. :thumbsup:

My only crit is his left shoulder looks a little facetted in the main image.


thanks - i can’t relly help the faceting too much :slight_smile:
after all it is a real time low poly model :smiley:

here’s a shot of the rig i used with biped and bones and some geometric objects as bones for better deformation



I know it’s a low poly model - but it would be well worth adding just a few more polys to make the image perfect. :slight_smile:



James, finally i saw your art work on CGtalk. it’s very impressive. it shows very good details and very dynamic camera effect! nice construction. awesome texture. cheers! :thumbsup:


Which soft did you use to do this ?


i used 3ds max to do low res model and normal maps
silo for the hi res model
photoshop and bodypaint2 for textures
and photoshop for post on the beauty render

thanks for your comments


Amazing work, I caught a glimpse of this thread over at the Silo3d forum. I’ve always been interested in normal mapping, and wanted to give it a try myself. This is top-notch work, it rivals anything that I’ve seen for Doom3 and is bursting with personality. I love the Oriental themes that you have going.


Awesome and inspiring work!


nice job man, I know this one has been quite a journey and it’s awesome to see it finished. It’s been exciting to watch your work really improve over these last few projects. Take a break before the next one and good luck with the plug :wink:


This kicks so much ass! One of the best use of Normal maps that I’ve seen to date.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

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pretty good, I especillay like the texture and normal map.all done in Max ?even the high res? pretty good topology.;
Only crits I can make is what pop out first time I saw it was that the head is to big compare to the body.;but maybe it’s on pupose give him that unrealistic proportion that doesn’t make him beleivable to me…

great work anyway



Hello, good job!! is really good and it have a high quality. Did you use Afterburn for the rear smoke effect? I have one question about the “normal map” I use 3dsMax and i know what´s this type of image, the “normal channel” but, what is his real function?

Thnks and sorry for my english