Character:Realistic Human Male


Hi all,

I did this model a while back but have only just had time to start working on him again (been kinda busy)

Anyway this is my first attemt at doing a realistic character, and thats what I want at the end of it…a realistic character

So if you have any thoughts let me know, though im more intrested in what you think of the head at this time (anything below the waist is very much a wip).

thanks all :slight_smile:


ahhh,man i sneezed and clicked the back button on my mouse and deleted what i was about to submit… guess ill make this time around more short and to the point.

great modeling and very nice face.

i see a small sharp bump in the back of the neck in the side profile, the pointing finger could be shortend but half a finger tip. pointing and ring finger seem identical to break it up a bit ehh ? a wrist joint will also help alot.

shoulder / underarm is very hard to model correctly. seems abit shoulder padded and underarm isnt flowing from chest to arm as experted. I have a hard time criting this particular area so bare with me its hard area to achive.


Nice face and good details in the body. How about some wires? Also, watch your proportions; He looks like his body may be slightly small in proportion to his head. Perfect proportions are 7.5 heads high, though not everyone is perfectly proportioned. Overall, it’s a good modeling job so far. :thumbsup:


Nice clean model. I think the ear should be slightly lower. Also the under part of the nose looks flat. The middle part should come down in a small curve to meet the face.The mouth is very good. The hands are also very good as is the torso.


Hey Mushroomgod.

Great model man. I’m modeling with anatomy referrence these days and it takes time, patience and effort, but you’re doing great imo. The body might have a little more detail and defined froms compared to the head wich looks very nice. Just one little thing about the ears, a problem I see all the time. Structure looks fine, but the overal form is too flat. Just examine your own ears with your fingers without looking at it in a mirror, just feel. You’ll nitoce that it’s much more shell-formed in stead of flattened out. But that’s just a detail. Gonna keep my eye on this to see further development. Looks good, keep it up ! :wink:


thanks guys

kryoboy, i know what you mean about the shoulder, Next few updates Ill try and fix that.

andrewley, agree about the nose…infact the nose is the one thing ill least happy with.

[Ace], thanks m8, ill give that ear a fix also :slight_smile:

Heres a realy small update…Hopefully the proportions look a little bit better? Also, im toning down the six pack and adding some indication of ribs,
kinda small though:(


thr rib cage is totally wrong. its too much depicting females rib. he is a guy rite ? sorry couldn;t post any images to support this. since i have no time to put it and search it :stuck_out_tongue:
but hopes that helps for now. i will crits more later.


Hi, this looks good, nice modelling, but the first thing I thought was that he had a feminine face… I think the problem is the lower face; chin, jaw and lips should be more rough-cut I think. At least the jawbone HAS to be more defined and square. Other than that it’s a good torso and nice model, keep tweaking:)


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