Character: portraits**


heres my recent ones. thanks for the other incredible crits guys. latez


Ooh… That first one sure is nice! Reminds me of a Sandman pic. I don’t mean a specific pic… I mean it has the feeling of something from that world.

Friend of yours? What a juicy image.

The second one doesn’t hold my interest. Subject’s fine, but the composition and rendering isn’t.


great!! precious painting!! painter?:applause:


Great on the fisrt one! really catches the eye…the second one is fine too, but not as strong as the first…mayb cuz there aint much lighting effect as the first.

Beautiful paintings! Painter huh?

Cheers! :beer:


thx guys~ yea i guess the first one catches your eyes better because of the color contrast and composition.
and to answer your q’s… i used PS7 and used painter last just to touch it up.


very interesting! thanks!:thumbsup:


the first one is awesome. great feeling and beautiful image. wonderful painterly quality to it as well.

the second one is nice, too, but it looks like the right side (far side?) of her face is out of focus.

this next part is just my personal opinion so take it as you will… i’ve never been a fan of the textures that computer programs create to simulate paint. i wonder what it would look like without them.

keep up the great work. you inspired me to go do some painting right now…



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