Character: Photo of a Faery


What do you guys think? Should I add more to this, if so… any ideas? Or is less more? Any comments, suggestions appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:


try a little touch of color, maybe on the wings
anyway i like your idea


I think the levels/contrast of the wings and the girl don’t match. They might look more “together” if you tweeked them closer.


tweak the levels of the wings so they are a bit darker and then add some spot color to the wings. this looks pretty good, did you do this tradionally with the two negatives of film?


I tried to spot color, but it wouldn’t look right :annoyed:


2nd image is defenitely better, much clearer. Though there’s one thing:

COLOR COLOR:applause:


I think that the first image was the better image. blur the wing just a little and they would fit the image of the girl. also if you added a sepia tone and film grain to the overall image it would give the image more of a history.

very nice


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