Character: Phoenix Queen


i’ve been working on this for a few days, the mesh is pretty much done aside frome some tweaking and depending on crits i get

it’s for a mod called Operation: Shadow Phoenix

comments are welcome

concept by fungi


Cool, but it seems really low-poly. Whats the poly-count? Oh, and are those meant to be pincers at the bottom on the concept? Because on the model they don’t seem like they’re gonna open and close.


the polycount is 2060, i made it low poly because i want to make the detail with a normal map
and yeah those are pincers, i might have to rework those a bit now i look at them
thanks for your comments


Can’t wait to see the high-poly version. I think it would be worth throwing some extra polys round tho. The chest looks pretty flat at the moment and some more could be put into the tail to help it deform properly when animated, and it looks like it won’t be able to move its hands, just its arms. If you want to have the hands and arms animate properly you should put some extra polys there :thumbsup:


i was about to say, normal map it! but you’ve already got the idea, i definately wanna see how this goes, i really like the concept


this is gonna br great with a nromal map :smiley: and visit the website at


amazing concept art, will you bump map the model or just put in the folds with the texture?


okay here is the final low poly…i think. i’ll be starting on the high res one next


a little animation of the phoenix queen where she attacks, this version probably won’t make it ingame (she has been redesigned) but it was fun too do. i’m still gonna normal map her


here is the high res one, finaly got around finishing it…


pwehh nicely zbrushed :wink: but you should add a little more details at the front of this beast (define the “breasts” a bit more). Otherwise nothing to crit.


Good point. i worked on that a bit (see the image below)

I’m now trying to generate a normal map but it’s not working,
i tried the one from ati, orb and melody.
Ati’s one crashes, orb keeps on loading forever and melody gives me an out of memory error.

The high poly mesh is exported from zbrush as .obj with groups off and triangulated.

It’s about 1,2 million quad poly’s.

does anyone have an idea what is wrong here or is it just my pc that is too slow?


I think its head has shrunken and the body has enlarged. In the concept it looks pretty vicious. The model feels like its so fat it’s stuck, wishing it couple waddle over to getcha. I bet if you spend a couple minutes scaling some of the proportions you could recreate the viciousness.


I’m now trying to generate a normal map but it’s not working, i tried the one from ati, orb and melody. Ati’s one crashes, orb keeps on loading forever and melody gives me an out of memory error.

Have you tried the normalmapper in Zbrush? Is it not working either? Seriously no other program than Zbrush can handle that many polys so if that doesn’t work there’s not much you can do.


yes but Zbrush can’t make normal maps from seperate models and i didn’t keep the subdivision levels.
from high to no subdivision is the only way Zbrush generates the normal map as far as i know


You can reconnect models in zbrush. Import your original low res mesh and smooth it however many times your highres mesh WAS smoothed, it has to be the same ammount. Maybe 6 times as an example. So go to smooth level 6 and import your high res mesh. Zbrush will reconnect these so you can slide through the levels of detail again and export normal or dmaps.


There’s a button called “reconstruct subdiv” that creates the lower subdiv levels. That works if you haven’t modifier the mesh structure (edgelooping and such). Also I remember reading something on this forum about some “render to texture” extension that renders out normal maps (was it normlarender) so if your models have similar UVs you could use that.


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