Character : Panthro


Old School Cool-

I started him late last night…and I got to work on him when I got home from work …only 5 hours in so far…but the basic shape is laid out. I will keep posting updates.


looks great so far, no crits for the moment, maybe the bump mapping just seems a little too much or too just generic over his whole head.

but yeah definitely looking cool, any info on the background of this character or why you are making him?


Its panthro from the Thundercats…old school cartoon. Just some fan art. He has always been one of my favorite characters.


Quick updates…still working on muscle definition.


That looks super hot dude!


Thanks for the comments. Here is an update…gonna flush out the body, then tweak the crap ou tof muscle structures.


thundercat’s :smiley:

I also liked those …

I like how you use the textures for the toon look

Jus’t try to get the anatomy a tad better .




Well im done with the overall shape…about 15 hours into him so far…still got to make his nunchukus and rig him…i also plan on getting the thundertank in there…hopefully by thursday …we’ll see :slight_smile:


Every player need a pimp ride. Blocking out the rough shape of the thundertank. It’s gonna be kind of a made up design…a mixture between the toy and the one from the series…still very early lots of changes to come…any comments welcome


I loved the Thundercats:D
That’s a nice model, but I think his arms are a bit too short and his upper body seems a bit small compared to his legs. There’s something about his head i can’t really figure out what, his jaws are more square and his mouth looks too human.

Some reference pics:

And just a minor detail; his eyes are supposed to be red instead of blue. The Thundercats sign should be smaller.


his mid section seem short and the face look inaccurate like he fat in the cheeks


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