Character Object Skin Priority Issue



I am experiencing a lag from my Skin Deformer. I am using Cinema 4D’s Character Object along with some custom face joints/controls.

As you can see in the above image, the joints and controls are one frame ahead of the Skin. Some notes on the Priorities:

  • The joints are rigged with an IK Spline tag that has its Priority set to Generators 0
  • The Skin is at the top of the Object Manager and its priority is set to Generators -1

I have uploaded my scene here:
Skin Lag Scene

Can anyone please help me to get the joints and the skin in sync?

Thank you!


The solution from c4dcafe:

  • Skin: Generator 0
  • IK tags: Generator -1
  • Xpresso tags on controls: Expression 0


Here is a fix:

Just my recommendation:
Instead of using IK on the lips, just use a plain old skinning where weights are skinned across the lips.
It achieves more or less the same effect and less taxing on Cinema4D.

Cinema4D is not like Maya where it uses GPU for skinning calculation.


Thank you!


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