character : Nokar



here’s an old model i’ve decide to finish.
I have to work more on his clothes.

C&C welcome.



here’s an update

I’ve had more clothes. lot of things aren’t finished, and other (like shoes) will be changed.

The same render, but bigger



The model looks very clean and the character is interesting. I like aliens a lot and I think this one will be great when finished. Keep it up and good luck!


Looks very good. Although, his upper arm looks very… thin; and his legs are rather far apart.


thanks for reply :wink:

boro > thanks

Andyman > you’re right, arms are thin and legs are far apart, but that is the design is was aiming for.



up again

I mostly work on the bottom, on his trousers and try to had wrinkles.
I modified the arms too, and lot of small details.

The same, but bigger



‘Obi-One? Now that’s a name i’ve not heard in a long time.’
I like him --He’s got character and his wardrobe is interesting. Not totally sure about the upper-leg area that meets the crotch, but overall I like him alot. How 'bout some wires?
What’ya say? Huh? Huh? :bounce:


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