Character- Ninja Vs. Nike (updated), Chris Wells (3D)


Title: Character- Ninja Vs. Nike (updated)
Name: Chris Wells
Country: United States
Software: 3ds max, Deep Paint, Photoshop

I finally finished this model this weekend and wanted to share it with you guys. It’s sort of a Ninja/Basketball type thing I’m going for. My goal was to convey a sense of confidence and intensity in the character and a sense of realism. Any C&C is welcome.

Some previous 2d work below!:



really nice render and everything, I think the head is a bit too small though…looks like a nike ad, very cool!


I like it, I like it, I like it, I LOVE IT !


I like it, it’s very clean. You can tell it was modeled well. [i]

Only crit is that the basketball’s grooves look a little bit too deep (possibly add the dark lines to?) [/i]


good work!!!,
I like the model, the hands and the face,
this illuminated very well.

Very Good…:thumbsup:

tutorial Lightwave
tutorial Lightwave


WOW really Kewl! You did a great job on the wrinkles in the clothing, makes em feel more like cloth jumpsuit. Great work lets see some more!!


really great job man. those clothes are great.


Hey guys,

Thanks for your kind comments! The wrinkles took a while to figure out but I try to make them similar to how edge loops are made. Most importantly, I want the clothes to have the feeling of weight and tension, especially on the straps. Any other C&C you guys have is more than welcome!



Great character!! I like the style!!
great modelling, great render! :thumbsup:


Awesome. Very nice modeling and textures!


he wants to play or kick somebody’s…:slight_smile:

got some attitude, i like it but complains abt shadow.


looks awsome man:thumbsup:


Wow this is a very well done model. :slight_smile:
I want to see more! :applause:


This is really fantastic stuff, well done :slight_smile: How long did it take you to complete?
I particularly love the hands, they’re so detailed and realistic. I also like how he’s holding the ball, it really looks like his fingers are pressing into it.
I think you pretty much succeeded in your goal to give him character, only thing I’d suggest is a slightly stronger expression. Maybe raising one eyebrow a little more, or tilting the head back, to really get that feel of “what, you thing you can take me?”


Here’s an untextured version as well:



Very well done, especially the clothes :wink: .


very very nice, only crit is the ball kinda looks like a pumpkin. :smiley:


Great Character Concept, Very original!
I love the face expression!




Very nice work! I especially like the skin and the flow of the clothes.


great work :thumbsup: love the texturing.
whait for more stuff.