Character : Nightfall


Its been awhile since i made a post. or a new character for that matter. Hes a Assassian, im animating his head right making sure everthing is working out. heres some pre-pro and 3d pics, im not excatly following my first thoughts on him but, oh well. C&C


eventhough i dont really like the concept i think the model looks just Great !
the face lacks character but that will change when you add some more detail like wrinkles.
the desing changes you made were pretty good, adds some “character” that the model is missing.

i’d really like to see this model finished, keep it up :thumbsup:


Thanks for replying, Yeah im working out the kinks. I will it admit he kinda looks like a crash test dummy. thanks


My only crit is that his head is too round. make sharper features to achieve a manlike look ;). Keep it going. Good luck


Looks good so far. I din’t like the concept either, but the model looks really good! Nice job!


Yeah, it would seem not alot of people like my 2d. Heh, i shall never draw again!! <Runs off crying>.

Heh, yeah i’ll keep youguys updated


make the top of the head more blunt, less like an egg.

also widen the nostrils. and define them more.

this is looking really nice! great concept!


Thanks man, will do.



Cooper, Keep on drawing dude! You’ll get better eventually and it helps you a lot. You’ll only do yourself a favour to make drawings first. You can use them later to model and since you made pictures the idea eveluated and you might have thought of other ideas and your model will get even cooler than you started. If you than model it, you can model precisly what you want and You’ve got a super good idea :thumbsup:

Keep the drawings up!!!


okay, Not finished but just showing some updates, if you guys see where there could be more wrinkles and what not lemme know, it would be alot of help, thanks!



in the middle 3/4 head shot…it looks like part of the mesh is sticking out and pointing toward the nose…i would fix that…

AMAZING CONCEPT!!! its very…Tom Clancey: Splinter Cell

keep it up!:thumbsup:


Normally the side of the eyes and the mouth have got wrinkles.
I don’t know it this is on purpose, but the’s got this huge wrinkle in his head, which looks odd. It seems that the iron bar on the top of his head is pushing the skin inwards. I don’t think that’s normal, since he’s got a skull too.
His nose seems really weird, it’s like the skin is pulled up.
I dunno, but maybe his mouth needs to go more with the shape of the head. see image.

his head is in an egge shape, the top should be more round.
Nice job, just needs some tweaking :thumbsup:


Wow youguys rock, Thanks for the comments, im fixing it right away:)


heres a few tweaks, i think i need to fix where the lips meet. does his face look TOO skinny?


I thought an image would say more than an explenation so …


Sweet dude thanks, i shall tweak away


i finished the head, but heres the body now, take a peek and tell me what you see, sorry its a bit of a weak shot but im kinda busy;) i’ll get a better one later


heres a update


Its looking pretty good so far. What App are you using?


Maya 4.5 complete