CHARACTER: New SW Episode III Villain


UPDATE: Newest render on pg 2

This is a model of the new Star Wars villain General Grevious to be featured in the last of the prequels…

I’ve been working in 3ds max 5.1 for about 3 months on this and it has greatly furthured (<-is that a word…lol) my modelling skills. It’s been posted on the Sci-fi 3d forums for the whole time so I thought I’d bring it here.

I’m not going to post my entire progress here (theres alot of pics) so if you want to se the process go here:

Here are the latest renders I’ve done on this model.

Full Body (1024x1365):
Head closeup (2 angles, 800x600):
Legs (600x800):
Hand (800x600):

Note: the back of the hand is not finished…just a low-res stand-in for now. There were also some renders of the arms but I’m re-working them atm so when they’re done I’ll post them. Also wires will be coming soon.

Comments and crits would be welcome on the modelling side of things, as I’m yet to seriously work on the textures…



here are the wires of the leg, head, body and hand…again the arms are missing cos i’m remodelling those.


My only real comment would be don’t ever use GIF for images this large. If you want completely lossless compression that’s better than GIF then use PNG but for the purposes of these boards high quality (60-80%) JPGs are more than sufficient.

Other than that, looks relatively well done.



and about the gif thing i kinda just got into the habit of using gifs, dunno why…oh well…they’ll be in jpg’s from now on…


:thumbsup: << all i can really say at this point…


a quick texture test…kinda dodgy as i’m not that great with textures

this is on no specific part of the model just a piece i made for the test

BTW i’ve had max for about a year and a half now and this is my first serious attempt at modelling something from beginning to end…and i’m only just getting started on it…


heres a quick summary pic of the progress i’ve made on the head…the 3 versions i’ve made

v1.0 the original one i made (obviously)
v1.5 the original with modifications to bring it closer to the real thing
v2.0 a complete ‘from the ground up’ remodel of the head which i think is very accurate

i’ll find some refs i used and then put em up here (there are hardly any pics of this guys around)


ok here are some of the refs they are shrunk down abit but alot of them weren’t much bigger than this anyway


:bounce: bump…looking for more C&C


nice job on the head


Damn fine job, considering the few ref pics you had. Looks like a cool droid/thingy…wonder what his role in the new movie is. Obviously he’s not a “good guy”.

#12 is a model i made a while ago based on the sw:clone wars animated series.


Ok just thought I’d pop in to give you guys a lengthy update as to where I’m up to on the General. I’ll divide it into nice easy to read sections…lol.

Modelling: The last full size render I sent through was of Grevious v2.0, this was my basic attempt at blocking out the basic detail of everything so that if I were to give up on it there would at least be a complete model of Grevious on my PC. However upon inspection of the refs, and a after a reassessment of my abilities I’ve decided to step it up and go to a v3.0. This will include a complete remodel of the entire lower half of the torso (everything below the collar basically), some work on the legs, complete remodel of the arms and feet. As well as as much mechanical detail as I can pack into him.

Here are some rough percentages on where I’m up to in the modelling to give you an idea of how much longer this will take (This is all for v3.0)

Head & Collar: 75%
Torso: 35%
Hip area: 45%
Legs: 65%
Feet: 85%
Arms: 20%

Textures: After recently getting the freeware version of Brazil: Rio I’ve set to work on doing some texture tests on the skull mask and on the armour and such. I aim to get as much out of the render engine as I can. This includes the use of SSS, and high quality raytracing. So that should be interesting to see, as I’ve gotta learn that from the ground up, lol.

Rigging: I’ve begun work on the skeleton for Grevious basing it on v2.0 (because as far as pivot points go there won’t be much adjustment between v2.0 and v3.0). This has turned out to be a fairly simple task with the only challenges being rigging the arms correctly (individual controls for each side of each arm, and then one for the whole arm), but that is getting there slowly.

Animation: The only real animation work I’ve been doing lately is involving those cloth tests I was talking about a while ago. I’ve got a few nice results out of SimCloth which I should be able to put into some nice animations for you guys. Also I’ve had scenes going through my head like crazy for the last week of what I would like to have Grevious do. Ideas are popping in for his battle with Obi-Wan, for the duel at the start, and for his death. It’s all kinda crazy up in my head at the moment so it might be a while before any of us see those ideas in motion. Although if I think of it I might try and do storyboards or somethin.

So there you go, thats where I’m up to…school pretty hectic at the moment so expect to see some v3.0 renders coming in the next week or so.



Hi ! Cool model and texturing, It’s gonna look great when finished. the only thing that bothered me a little : His limbs seem a bit to “skinny” or too slender compared to his solid and heavier torso, but maybe I’m wrong.

good job, post it in the finished gallery when you’re done ! :thumbsup:



about the limbs bein a bit skinny…i too noticed that…which was one of the reasons I decided to construct a version 3 of the model…hopefully the arms and legs will look a bit ‘fuller’ this time around.


Is he supposed to harm anybody with so small hands ? uh :stuck_out_tongue:


now that you mention it the hands are kinda small ay?..well…theres another thing to be fixed in v3.0

anways heres the first render i’ve done on v3.0 its the beginnings of the torso re-model


heres some rough work on the new feet


heres a small update on the new torso


Looks great so far. Keep it up.