Character : New Hero


Hi there !

This is my new hero’s head almost done (modeling).
Done with max 5!

This guy will be the main character on my new website.

Please be kind and post your comments for improvement :slight_smile: !

Many thanks for the help guys
the finished work is also in the finshed work section which is here

You will find the last update of my hero in the bottom of this Thread!


Nice model, not really sure what it is, but you REALLY have to cut down on the polys in the nose. :wink:

Also, the throat is a little to narrow and the chin is a tad too long.

Keep us posted.


Yes the nose has too much polys!

Thanks for the post/advice man!


Great concept plus a very distinguishable style you have there. The head seems too box-like though, in that is is hard to make out features such as the cheekbones and there is no mouth as yet, lol. Also the eyebrows seem to be too far away from the eyes.

Keep us posted :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply DrQuincy!

I have to play a bit more with the back of the head as well as with the neck!

As for the mouth my hero does’t have one!!
I really like him the way it is without a mouth!

Thanks for the eyebrows notice!


I really like that bit at the back as well. Also when you get around to it perhaps you could add some glow to the eyes :wink:


Well I have to think about that when my model is finished!
For now I try to build the body and then add his little bones!
I really do this one from scratch so it is not too easy for me!

Thanks Again!


very nice work, specially when you do this from scratch…

but I would like to see that with a mouth

keep posting


Well after Christmas here is
my first Body test (no legs yet) of my hero!

Materials are not final!

Any Suggestions?


This is coming along very, very nicely. GOod work, I like the concept already.


He looks awesome! He reminds me of mini-me, lol (no offense) but thats because his arms are really short and his trunk is really long (unless you wanted it and the arms like that)


<<Kinsbane>> Thanks for your comments!

<<Quester99>> Thanks for your opinion! Well I have to play a bit more with his arms because they don’t look quite ok to me ,too! As for the trunk we will see when his legs will be finished!

More to come!


I can see problems with the spikes (?) on his arms, they appear to perforate his chest when he puts his arms down. His arms should be a bit longer, his arms look too short to even put on a belt or sumtin.


<<RoadKill>> Thanks for your detailed look on my hero!
I think you are right about the spikes on his arms, and I thank you for that!

As for his arms that looks too short maybe I have to short a little his waist as <<Quester99>> rightly notice!

Thanks man!


His legs are approximately finished!

I have to finish up some spots that I’ve missed!

Default render!

Please tell me what you think!

More to come!


I’m missing knees, but that can part of the design.


<<RoadKill>> Well the Knees, my friend, is where the thinks like holes are, in the middle of his legs!

The down part of his legs(that is a bit scaled) are not actually part of the legs but the mechanism that create the fire!(But you can’t really see that here because the shaders are not start yet)!

Thanks for the notice although!

I have to say here that in my thoughts my hero (which his name is not found yet) is not actually flying! He is just some cm above ground (like magnetic feet)!

The fire on his legs are just referral to understand the concept created within max!

More to come!


i didn’t really figure out how you plan to model him but i think you are on the good way. i believe that it would be great for you to put some more details on the character. (head-body)

kalh sinexia…


kind of remember me character from megaman :smiley:


<<MistaT>> Thanks man!
Well I want to keep him as smooth and clean as he gets!

note: It is good to see another Greek inside here!