Character : Muscular Man


Hellow again everybody, my seccond attemp on realistic human.
this time, A muscular man.
done in Maya 5.

here is the image :

This is all i got till today :slight_smile:
any comments n inputs are really apreciated.
Thx before :slight_smile:


that looks pretty good can we see wires please


great job on muscles indeed, i think it is very realistic. :thumbsup:


Great start! I like the arms.

He seems to be minus an ass (and another important piece of anatomy :slight_smile:

the backs of the legs don’t match the quality of the rest of the model. The pecks seem slightly too pushed together.

I’m sure this will be a great model.


Lookin’ cool. I’d add some more mass to his glutes (rear end) too along with some bigger hamstrings. Most of the big boy bodybuilders have big hams and glutes now. Maybe some slightly larger triceps too - not sure though. I love the expression on his face!


haha the face makes me think of robin williams :slight_smile:

there’s something wrong with the abs. they seem too… wide? they seem to wrap around his body, or something. just looks weird.


Hi everybody, thx for the replies n inputs.
readytograduate : thx. I’ll post the wire in the next visit here ^^
kaffo : thx. :slight_smile:
andrewley : thx for the inputs. I haven’t touch his ass yet :stuck_out_tongue: but i’ll fix it :slight_smile:
alfaeus : thx, i’ll try to tweak the things u point out :slight_smile:
DrakeX : thx, its pretty hard to get the abs shape :frowning: i look at lots of body builder reference images n it seems every body builder hav quite different abs pattern. but thx for the inputs :slight_smile:


hellow, here is the wire of this model.
haven’t update anything yet.

c&c r really apreciated. thx before


looks excellent!!

the anatomy seems right, and the modelling itself is smooth and very well topologied.
great work.


wow, realy nice modeling, wires are great


5awamura, I’ll try the best I can but english is not my native language.

The neck/trapezoid/chest are great from face, from back trapezoide should go higher unteal the base of the ear.

The abdominal muscle, do not go so up, leave a space between pectoral muscle and first abdominal (there is a chest (bones) underneath)
the inter pectoral muscle are great.
the arms : the biceps is too pinched at the junction with the deltoîd
the forearm muscle are almost good, make the muscle ‘turn’ from elbow to wrist, you have a flat area near the wrist

Back, push the dorsal muscles in the lombalgis area
the coccyx is too low, give him a nice round butt

For the legs, sartorius muscle is flat one, you marked the vastus medialis muscle, but the rectus femoris and vasus lateralus are too flat in comparison
look here for the terme

keep fighting, it’s not easy but it’s worth it


Good work, but…the head is detached of the body?


Great work! I think the lowest part of stomach muscles shouldnt be separated (or it shouldnt be visable as much)


mmm his face is scaring me now with that smerk. great detail at the muscles. very realistic. cant wait to see more


thx for the replies everybody :slight_smile: really apreciate them :slight_smile:

thx Opeth n ENIAC, hope this one is better :slight_smile:

thx junk, i tried to fix every single part u point out. is it better? plss tell me is its still wrong.

thx Boristone, yes its seperated. i seperate the head when i was building his lower body, just to speed up the performence. this new one is attached together again.

thx kingwins, i had try to fix the one u point out. how about it?

thx nendo_3d, is his face scary? (i’m not modeling a bad guy) :frowning:

here is the image :

n btw, i may not replies for a couple of weeks. i’m goin on a trip without my PC. but i always waiting for your inputs ^^ thx before everybody.


The body looks amazing! I cant find anything wrong in that. The face looks alittle odd, but then again if I had the same crotch he has, I would too…


Thx for the reply Oculus. his face is odd??? hm… can u tell me which part do u think is the odd one?

no others? ^^ thx before. gtg again :slight_smile:


The model is amazing man! Looks like a Mr. Olympia contender to me. :smiley:

Great anatomy! But I think that the quads, hams and glutes are not as defined as it could be if you compare it with the upper body. But if ur not modeling a ripped 1% bodyfat bodybuilder than it would be ok I guess.
And the lats are a bit too small IMO.

I know ur still W.I.P. but maybe some A-symmetry in the muscles would make the model even nicer.

I love the head too, it looks like a mean guy, but he is also funny at the same time.

Love to see more of this! :slight_smile:


hi ,

nice anatomy …

few things though :slight_smile:

1:the abs are slyghtly to much square i think , it needs a more organic feel to it !
2:The biceps also needs to blend more into the triceps on the outside of the arm .

nice work

keep it on !


hellow ^^
CoolDuck_HRO, clawz thx a lot for the inputs bros :slight_smile:
i tried to fix his abs, hope u like it :slight_smile: