Character : MSA-0011 Ex-S S Gundam


Hey again.

This is my 4th attempt at doing yet another gundam… This time i had chose the MSA-0011 Ex-S S Gundam, which is a beauty and caught my interest at first sight.

Anyway Here’s a pic of some of render i did on the head i modeled:

[ Head ]

C&C Pls


Ahhhh Darakusan… nice work on the head man… gundam rocks…

your other GD models are great aswell… cant wait to see more progression…

ive been working on a GD zgok stingclaw model its not finished though…

check my links
cheers ParadiseFb


ParadiseFlyBird : Thanks for your comments :). You have some really neat works too.

Well, i’m freaking slow i can say. Haha. Looking thru ref pictures on how the shape would be like and figuring how to put it in… slow i can say…

Only work on the front looks only… ignore those sharp edges in the mid body section, as they are not ready yet.l

[ Some slow and small progress ]

C&C Pls


Darakusan, You’re models coming along well man…

i was just wondering if you’re sub’ding your objects…


ParadiseFb… cant wait to see more of your progress


Haha thanks again ParadiseFB, you seems to be the only 1 interested in this.

But that’s enough to keep me going. :slight_smile:

And yes, i do sub’ding my objects. And i also use lots of boxes to work on every parts. I may not be doing the right things, but well… i’m not really good in these. Haha.

Anyway here’s a small update. Did the shoulder area and touch up the front part a bit. Did the render in green and thought it turns out pretty ok.

[ Shoulder added ]

C&C Pls


looks great, i assume your manipulating boxes and chamfering for the most part?

if you want to get really fine detail and get it looking really great in close ups you should perhaps chamfer everything again, by a very, very small amount, just to make the edges a bit softer.


Coolhand : Thanks for the suggestion!

Anyway here’s a small update… after not touching it for a long time.

  • Added the side pieces plus a small wing for the shoulders.
  • Added the arm. Currently using recycled Hand from my Sazabi

C&C Pls. Thanks


holy moly man, you never cease to amaze me with your mecha modelling skills. perhaps you should give a go at modelling ur own original mecha, i would love to see what kindof crazy thing you could come up with on your own. keep up the good work i’ll have an eye on this thread


Hey, Thanks gunslingerblack! I thought that my model was bad and has no comments lol.
Anyway… no time to edit it as usual. But there’s 1 render update which i never post.

Might as well just show it now.


Just a small update after very long…

[ Just the legs ]


You’ve got a nice gundam series going on here, keep it up. What will you be using them for?


Thanks ace4016, those gundam were model as a form of past time. And i like them :slight_smile:
Not particular uses i guess. Perhaps when i pick up animating, i would use them for some sort of animation.


Well not much comments… But anyway almost finish with the leg section
Here’s an update on the leg area


Worked on the Backpack


Wow! Really good job on this gundam Darakusan. Your skills have improved so much since you first did the Hi-Nu gundam. I just took a look at that old thread and whoa…such a difference. Congrats man. :slight_smile:

Personally i’m not a fan of this gundam or any others from it’s series. I feel they are too bulky and generally just have too much going on in the design. But i LOVE the head and you’ve done it justice.

As for your renders, i actually like the ‘clay’ green render the most. For wutever reason the renders in full color seem to hide all of the great detail you’ve put into the model. And until i saw that green render i thought ‘bleh, not his best work’. But that 1 render changed my mind. :wink: I think you should experiment with material settings and shaders to flesh out the basic compnents of the gundams. Then you can just reuse them throughout your models since they will all share similar building materials. This will really help bring your gundams to life in your renders.

Keep up the good work!


great job man

you should try riging your gundam …he’ed look evan cooler with a sick action pose like this

or this


Oh man! That’s good work! Just great!
I’m also a fan of the Gundam series. It’s just fantastis how you can do these mobile suit.

I’m impressed and I think I’ll start myself to make one. I’m thinking on doing the Sazabi mobile suit.

You can bet that from now on I’ll keep an eye on your projects :wink:

Keep up the good work!


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