Character Modelling - Any good tutorials known?


The “Enchanted Forest” Contest is going to end in
a few days - finally (not that I’ve not enjoyed it :p)

My next goal will be the modelling of my first REAL character,
which I want to animate for a lil’ short I have in mind, but 'cause
I’ve never modelled a char myself I want to ask you - the
SPECIALISTS :wink: - if you know some good tutorials which explain
character modelling.

What do I mean exactly?
I just dont want to start modelling, work for some days
and realize “DARN - anything went wrong from the start” and
have to start all over (yeaaaaaaah - I know, I’ll definitely will
start several times, but let us stick with ~5 times and not 1000 G)

Any hints and help are REALLY appreciated

Cheers :beer:

PS: Yep, I’ve looked at the timelapse vids of ambient whisper
and it wont be the last time g but I’m searching for other


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