Character Modeling Video Tutorials


For those who may be interested, I have some new Character Modeling Video Tutorials which take the user step by step through organic subdivision surface modeling of a human character. The tool used, in this case, is modo, but I gather that no matter what tool you happen to use, you can gain great insight into how easy it can be today to quickly create high quality subdivision character models!


You forgot to mention that those are $25 a pop.


Well, I didn’t exactly “forget”. :wink:


Please. Don’t do this.
Please dont try to sell your videos on this forum.
If there any good. Call Alex Alvarez from Gnomon
and maybe he’ll put them up on his website.

I think people here are really annoyed when people
give links to tutorials only to find out that its a link
to their personal online store.


I bought this tutorial, and I actually found it quite good for beginners like me in character modeling . After trying a few of them, it’s actually the first one I am able to follow.

Maybe a “Tutorial for sale” section on this forum would be a nice addition.


I think he neglected mentioning that they were $25 per video because doing so would mean he was actively advertising his site.

The rules on CGTalk explicitly state:

- Threads advertising items for sale
Please refrain from posting threads advertising any software, hardware or other goods that you have for sale. This isn’t ebay.

Maybe by not mentioning it outright in the thread he hoped that it would conceal the nature of his post, which it seems is to make money; otherwise, he would have posted his tutorials for free.

Funny enough, he could have gotten away with it by just asking some other lackey on CGTalk to post a thread saying “I found a cool tutorial site that has lots of good videos…” The fact that he’s the proprietor doesn’t really give him a respectable angle in my opinion.


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