Character Modeling Reel


Here is the demo reel I took to Siggraph in August 2009. Honest critiques are very welcome.


amazing stuff. Really like your style. Animation wasn’t that great though. But very impressive reel overall I think!


Good stuff.

I think you can present your stuff way better. A couple of comments here and there to get there. First of all is way too long. Take out a lot of stuff. A lot of the projects you show are showcasing the same style and skills therefore just choose the one that represents it best and get rid of the other ones.
Focus. Right now I don’t know what your reel is focused on. Is it modeling? If it is you need to show more variety in the organics and the hard surface needs a lot of work. Use reference and match it for the hard surface projects. Also you need texturing skills if you are showcasing modeling. Modeling alone won’t cut it.
If it’s animation what you are trying to showcase it needs a lot of work too. Great style on the rendering and the characters but the animation needs work on the basics of animation.
Also you have a lot of good stuff on the traditional work but that is not what your are trying to sell so showcase it but keep it short.

Cheers and hope some of this helps.

Good luck!


Thanks so much guys. I really appreciate the detailed feedback David. There are a lot of things I was unsure of when making the reel that you helped me clarify. I’m working on getting my animation skills to a better level of competency and I will definitely try and create more of a variety of models for my next reel as well as texture work. Really appreciate your honesty.


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