Character modeling for games.


Hey every one,

I’m very new to the process of modeling for games, so I was hoping that some one would answer a few questions to help my understanding.

The idea that I’m going by is that I’ll make a low poly mesh as the base mesh. Then from that I’ll continue to add detail, bring it in to mudbox or zbrush and make even more detail then finally put the high poly mesh over my low poly mesh.

The main questions I have, besides is this process correct are as follows;

  1. What would a base meshes poly limit be? mine is currently 690.
  2. After I am happy with the level of detail my character has how do I put the high poly mesh on to the low poly mesh while keeping the low poly count?
  3. The character I’m attempting to model is a knight and thus has armor. The base mesh I modeled is just a slandered male model with no cloths. Should I include rough models of the armor with the base mesh, or can I just include it with the high poly mesh?

Thank you in advance. This is something I’ve been really wanting to learn at my school, but they don’t teach it. Thus I’m off on my own for answers.

  1. Totally depends on the end project. Anything from a couple hundred for a handheld game with a lot of units on screen up to 20k triangles for a high end PC game.

  2. Normal map.

  3. There’s no need to model anything that’s not going to be seen. Just model the armor, and any exposed skin.


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