Character Modeling: 4 ARMS WIP


Concept Name: 4 ARMS

Software used: Z Brush 4R4, 3Ds Max 10


He-ya fellas,

I recently watched a workshop “HUNTER” by Jesse Sandifer, his concept led me to get into some hardcore sculpting. I followed basic steps as all modelers do, get a concept or create one. Eventually I thought of creating one…like these

i tried to just fill up the canvas enough that my mind can start pushing ahead, & lastly I came up with this final illustration ‘4 Arms’ (as he has 4 arms :wise: )

I started off with these 2 images…


I started off with a sphere and made it into dynamesh.
after some days i got what i was looking for.


This was just one mesh (every thing execpt the eyes).During the process I started realizing that my PC wasnt able to handle divisions after some limit, it was laggy & i started loosing interest :cry: , then I got to do it the hard way… I split up the mesh in multiple subtools, like head, fore arms, rear arms, legs, torso…etc due to which I could manually add division at particular area to a particular limit. :cool:


Once i was done with sculpting & everything I retopologized the meshes in Z brush itself.

I set myself a goal to get it to 10k poly…eventually after rigorous efforts I got it to 9286 polys. :smiley: the highest level is about 12 million polygons.

But now I am stuck…while creating this concept i hadnt decided what colors will this guy have. This has been my real bad habits for my own designs, I dont add colors & i realize this after creation.

So guys now I need your opinions what do you think…? what should be his color palette? and one more thing i will be creating one beauty shot so what kind of setup should i make (no big environment…i am not a BG artist). Anybody can comment…whatever you think spit it out…i am dead stuck here. Thanks


Given the kind of rocky texture he has I would give him Earthy tones like brown, grey, and darker shades of green. Think about the character though; what is his background? Where does he come from? What does he do? Use those kinds of questions to shape your concept.

I think the sculpt looks great! Looks like pretty solid anatomy, and nice detail.


I like the face , would love to see a higher res picture of the character.

Totally Agree


its nice of you to state that about the character’s BG. ok heres what i think

He is made up of rock, because he lives on planet which is hot like…venus. Now as the Temp there is freakin hot the habitats there have evolved there skin to a rocky surface. As humans need blood to live these beings need magma…ie. under the rough thick rocky surface lies magma. Their eyes are the most tender elements on them. Due to immense amount of heat their eyes start to heat up & crack to avoid that they have 4 eyes, they keep only two eyes open at one time, if one pair get heated up they close that one & open the other pair. They have four arms because they need to do heavy lifting work. They have tail…well :curious: …to scratch their backs :applause:

anyways talking about the colors The earthly tones like brown & grey add up to the list. After some time I got it to this…

offcorse this is experimental but comments are welcome…stay tuned for updates


Awww yea, that looks sick man. Great work! Looking forward to seeing more. :thumbsup:


Hello once again, finally completed my 1st pass of coloring, the images you see below is default BPR render in z brush with normal skin shader mat. This is pure polypainting i havnt exported any maps to Photoshop for color correction sharpening or any editing…The character hasnt left Z brush for a long time now.

I was getting bored with T Pose hence a subtle posing, for hi res
HI-RES Long shot

To match the lava effect i’ll be adding few more things this was just to let u know how i am proceeding

heres a closer look

HI - RES CloseUp Shot

now further I have to get every subtool’s diffuse, cavity, ambient…compose them. On that a spec map & a glow map for lava…man i just love what i do !!!

nways enough of me…u guys comment, so that i can bring most out of this.


Ok…i expected one reply atleast to make it better…nways all other passes are done now its only the beauty shot. Below you can see renders in Marmoset Toolbag…no this is not beauty shot i was just testing the maps.

i didnt wanted to post this as its just testing…but as this post is for WIP, its ok,

now i havnt said this before but I have been creating this concept so that it can be included in CG Talk gallery, i mean, I kept a purpose in my mind & then i began, & now there will be final post after this & it will be for the beauty shot…if you have any opinions on that please share, like should it be specific area i should show or full long shot…etc.


Looks pretty solid. (Ha, see what I did there?) Looking forward to seeing that beauty shot. Will you be doing the final render with Marmoset?


not really…you see this guy is a lava guy i mean he is lit all the time i dont think he should catch any shadows…i tried various ways of lighting in toolbag but doesnt seem right…& i cant control the lights manually in toolbag (i can but still i am not much into it). Then again i am very comfortable with Vray & BPR renders in max & Z brush respectively. so either of those two.

I am also looking forward in using Cryengine 3…but i am not familiar with it yet, i will test it but i dont think it will look good for my first try.

can you suggest any what kind of lighting will be appropriate? i mean warm lights, cold light ?..or how wud you guys do it yourself ?


The lighting would depend on what kind of shot you’re going for I suppose. I’m sure his natural habitat would bathe him in warm light, but he isn’t going to really stand out that way. If you want him to “pop” out of the frame, so to speak, I would use cold light.


Looks great so far.

My only critic is that he looks like a bicep character, the other other arms feel awkward too far at the back, & also not clear in the front shot.

I think as a unique character, you have succeeded, but as a 4 armed character, I am not so sure.


Realy nice :slight_smile: A nice touch would be to add some bloom on the orange and yellow parts of the lava to make it seem like the lava is glowing.


bravo… :applause: .i was expecting this quote…that the pose for a 4 armed character is completely absurd. I completely understand what you are sayin. you see i created this pose just to see how the polypainted info looks on a live character ( coz i hate T pose overtime). then i didnt get :slight_smile: comment that the pose isnt suitable for the character, i was not goin to change it but as someone has finally said it, i will portray somthing more…appealing ! :slight_smile:


yyeellow folks, we passed the A P O C A L Y P S E ! :buttrock:

Hmm…previously a day before apocalypse i got a post saying that the pose didnt really depict the intention of a 4 ARMED character, which i totally agreed and said that i will make somthing appealing. I did some transpose stuff…but…bending character made him look soft & curvy, which looked pathetic as his arms became rubbery. I could have re-sculpted those areas but didnt make much sense. So i did some smart work…S A C R I F I C E…i deleted the rear arms and rear hands, coz sometimes too much is just unnecessary. Well it was a big decision i made. Was i sloppy ? …mmm…i dont know, honestly i like it now !

Then about the render & light…i did a lot of scouting…tried Marmoset, Vray, even Cryengine 3 (went really bad), but stuck to Z Brush. Used Texture based Light maps & some manual tuning. Exported passes to photoshop…did regular stuff.


Upper Half Close up

HI-RES Upper Half

Now…answer me honestly…is there somthing missing ?
I’ll wait for another day for your comments to make possible changes then i’ll add this image to my portfolio stack.


Hi, I like your work. I couldn’t figure out if it’s supposed to be an in-game model? I liked the marmoset render better because it was so sharp and your textures really popped, and for real time models I think that’s very important. I think in the last render you went a little overboard with the glow and blur. It looks a bit too flat/2d painting to me. Maybe you can add some more depth by adding a few fire particles in front with a bokeh effect on them.
Maybe if you want you could also have some more variety in the materials. Right now its all lava and stone, I think it would be more interesting if for example his breastplate was more of a shiny metal or something, to break things up a bit.
But I think it’s a great character nonetheless, keep it up :slight_smile:


I have to agree with El Pollo that the latest render does look a lot more 2D. I still think it looks really cool, but it doesn’t necessarily do the model justice if it has so much 3D detail. Upon comparing previous renders I also have to agree that the presentation is much more effective with only 2 arms. I like the pedestal on which you have placed him as well. Nice environment integration there.


ok…Hi Elpollo

well first i want to become a modeler in Game industry, & thats why i have a tendency to convert my every model to low res, acceptable realtime in a game engine. It had nothing to do with the intention of project.

2nd i didnt accept the marmoset render coz it didnt suit my need in lighting the model.

The flatness u mention is understandable, i can try the bokeh effect u mentioned.

Lastly ‘no offense’ but the feeling of only Lava & stone was intended to look like lava & stone…good that you felt that way, the reason for that is ( i dont know whether you know the BG story for this guy ) he is a raw character not tampered or PAMPERED with…i did some research on lava rocks they tend to remain hard, as the lava continiously keeps em hot due to which there is almost 0% of water around em & shinyness is rare.

Thanx for taking time & sharing what you feel.