Character Model: The Doll


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I started modeling this cute little mass murdering sadistic childs play thing a couple of days ago and I’ve only spent around 5 hours on her. She a D.O.T. (Doll of TERROR!) I think the idea for it came for “the 7th Guest,” though it chould be I’ve alway been afraid of dolls so a killer doll is about the most frightening thing I can think of.

She’s a light weight at under 1400 tri, but I still need to do the hair. I’m hoping I can drop her down to around 1000 tris once I have her all finished.

I’ll like some help on modeling the hair. I know basically how I want it to look (Sherly Temple curles) but I could use some tips on how too model it. I’ve never really done good hair before. I’m also looking for coments on where I can lose some polies to slimmer her down from the light weight to the feather weight poly count. I’m trying for the SUB-1000 triangle range. My absolute max is 1250 (I do have my reasons for this limit so coments about engines being able to handle more are useless and will be the cause eminty.)

Any suggestions?


Just an update. She’s 1421 triangle. I still need to shave at least 200 polies, But I’m hoping I can do 400 or so.


Well anyway, here she is in all her 1248 triangle glory. I don’t think I can get any smaller on the poly count so this will have to do. Now on to rigging, mapping and texturing. Yah.


Hi there

I dont know if it is still too late for changes but I think you should once more look at here face. I think the nose is pretty long for her. I thought you want to create her looking as cute as possible increasing the fear even more.

Why are you toying around the glossness, smooth will do really :slight_smile: Nice change btw her dress seemed to be to wide.


Yes I know what you mean about dolls, big lifeless staring eyes, eww :slight_smile: The model looks very good to me. I would agree with the comment about the glossy renders, but I feel generally the overall mesh seams to do the job well.


UV Mapping Done! Now on to rigging!

Yes the eye, they are the key to the evil of these beasts


Hey, that’s looking pretty groovy. Are you going to go for the muddy Silent Hill type textures or something brighter or more cartoony?

Also, just curious as to why you gave yourself such a strictly low poly count? 1420 and 1220 can’t be that much of a difference, can it?


My Knight model/animation test

My crappy first thingy


It’s for an older engine. The average model for a character is around 800 but 1250 is the high limit (it can go as high as 2024 with out crashing but you lose FPS drastically.) At 1200 though the drop in frames isn’t bad, and if it’s the only character or there aren’t many in the view at the same time then it okay. So basically its a engine limit. The look is sorta’ SH thing but really I wanted an old style looking doll that just happened to be pure EVIL. I actually used a couple of dolls as a referance (never again, I can stand even pictures of those creepy things, I really hope I never have girls . . . or that they never want dolls.)

Oh I named it Claudia, if you can guess why I’ll give you a lollipop.

I’m actually cleaning up the UVs alittle more, I didn’t like the lay out for the shoes or hair. So I’m trying something different. I may split the map in two, but well see what I get out of this.


Looks good so far - nice idea. What kind of textures are you giving her? Realistic? stylised? clean? dirty? bloodstained??

I think the posture makes her look pregnant on the side view :shrug: Maybe flatten the bump a lil.

Nice work


Wasnt claudia Chuckie’s bitch? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one mate :wink:


@Andy_H - Thanks for the advice, I’ll look at it and try to tweak it alittle more. It’ll be a semi-realistic clean look. (But I do plain a bloody-stained dirty variant texture too.)

@Bigglzee - umm, no. I thought naming it Claudia would be a dead give away, I’ll see if any one else gets it if not I’ll tell you tomorrow.


I’m still playing with color layouts and UV’s still. Maybe I’ll get to the rigging soon.

Any more guesses about the name Claudia? (Doesn’t anyone read books anymore? Thought it was a movie so some one should be able to figure it out.)


Looks good. I like the name Caroline. I just read an awesome book by Neil Gaimen, called “Coraline”. But Claudia works for me too… Oh, and yeah, I read books. lol



Looking real good there dude. Judging from the curls of her hair and the fact that Claudia was looked upon as the eternal human doll, I will say it’s Claudia from “Interview with the Vampire”. Lestat always gave her a doll on the birthdate of her vampirism and she was even dressed like a doll, so it would fit the concept perfectly. Plus it helps that I’m an avid fan of the chronicles. :wink:


Give the man a lollipop! You are correct sir!

Yep, it seemed the obvious choice for a name. . . I do have two variants of her planned also care to guess what I plan to name them? (though they my not be as fitting still it keeps it in the family.)


I’m actually still working on this one. Like I said I’m rubish when it comes to texturing. I’ve been working mainly on the face so far this is what I have. . . dosen’t really convay the evil yet. I’ll get there I hope.


More on the head. Looky hair!

Anyway, I’m just about finished with this part anything missing? Now I’m no to doing the dress.


WELL it’s been a while, but I started working on this again (actually spent alot of time playing with UV’s then yesterday said screw it and went back to the old layout.)
Anyway. I’ve been playing with the colors and such, I hope I can finnish the whole thing up by Halloween. (though I’ll be satisfied if I just get the textures done by then.)

I’m still playing with the eyes


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