Character model, could use some help.


I’ve been working on this character off and on and I’m to the point where the problems are escaping me. I know they exist, but I’ve been looking at him too long to really see them.

I want to use this as a base mesh for more characters so I’d like to get it to a point where it is good enough to do that. I’ve got some stray edge loops to fix, and you’ll notice some weird shading where there are disconnected seams. Those will get fixed soon enough, I’ve also included a picture of the skeleton (comes from UDK), if his proportions seem a bit off, the skeleton should explain why; there isn’t really anything I can do about that since I have to use that skeleton for animation reasons. I also have a picture of the head reference, I wasn’t concerned with 100% accuracy so long as I followed it closely enough to make the face texture look correct on it.

Links to larger versions:
I appreciate any help you can give.


I see you didnt get much help so far hmmmm.
Way too many polys for the shape itself. The feet are pretty weird with that square toe end. You know the skeleton wont be visible in the engine right? The overall shape is kind of ordinary. Did you want to use this as a base to sculpt?

Perhaps if you say something about what you want to achieve than you might get more help.

You only need to use the UDK skeleton if you want the animations otherwise you can use any skeleton you want.


Thanks for the reply, I guess I did leave out some details in my post.

I am using the base animations from UDK, so I’m stuck with that skeleton. I agree the poly count is too high, but I haven’t had much luck getting it to look very good with less polys, probably a lack of experience doing characters. It may also be a result of how hard I’ve been trying to avoid triangles, I know they don’t subdivide nicely, so I tend to put a lot of effort into not having any.

I do plan to use it as a base for sculpting, the character is supposed to be an ordinary human male, so most sculpting would be surface detail and clothing. This is why I just gave him the block feet, since he’ll have boots on, the toes weren’t necessary to model.

The main thing I want to achieve is make a solid base body to use with other characters, but also to finish this one and make it look respectable. The poly count is what I’d like to work on the most, but I’m sure that his anatomy is off more than it should be as well. I really hate working on characters, so if I could make any significant improvements it would go a long way to making characters less painful to work on.


Hey there.

Nice start.

I agree that your high poly count may be not helping you out. It will make your mesh become difficult to change fast at this stage and you can always add more subd’s in zbrush.

As far as proportions are concerned I would say your hips are too wide for a male. The hands and wrist also looks too long / large. Best get some reference for this. In fact that will help you out across the board.

Try to concentrate on getting a nice silhouette at this stage and a nice punchy model. Trying to fix these issues in your sculpt programs later may lead to headaches. Definitely a good start though.



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