character model: callidus assassin



i posted this in focused critiques…but i haven’t been getting any critiques or feedback.

so hopefully i can get some for my game model here…

would it be okay if i double post?

anyway here is my game model

created in maya
poly count is 3004 triangles


The proportions are a little off and the poly count is very high for such a simple character. She also might have a little trouble deforming because of the way the mesh is setup.

I’d take a look at the proportions first… the area I notice the most is the legs.



heres an updated one:


okay its been awhile,mainly cuz i have work pretty much everyday.
but i’ve managed to find the time to totally rework the model so it doesn’t look like a man with boobs :stuck_out_tongue:

i think the head might be too big but tell me what you think.
crits and comments welcome

from 3004 triangles down to 1908 triangles and its my first game model :smiley:

I’m UV mapping the character right now and man how i don’t like it but it must be done.


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