Character: Minotaur Warlord


Firstly this character is not yet rigged, that is why his weapons and shield are just floating around him. So don’t worry, he will hold them properly before this is finished.

Planned changes:

  1. Going to move the seam in his stomach down a little farther so its hidden by the belt.

  2. Going to edit the weapons a little bit

  3. Still need to finish the gauntlet, it’s only about half done

  4. Going to add bandages on the arm that is holding the battle-axe

  5. Will be adding a pouch or some other kind of accessory to his belt.

  6. Maybe a couple additional details here or there

Anyway he’s mostly done, so I’m posting to get feedback before I finish the modeling phase of this project. I’d like to start unwrapping him this weekend.

Any comments (good or bad) feel free to let me know! Once the unwrap starts there will be NO geometry changes.



Very very nice model the armor is looking great Keep it up.


Nicely done, keep up the good work…

maybe he should be holding the shields and stuff… its all just kind of floating, maybe he should hold it or something… (kidding)


He looks great.

The design of the armor and shield is cool!


Very nice Cant wait to see more!!!


What software do you use to model…?
Oh, by the way this is great. Keep it up.


looks great, very well done. I think you should definitly go with the bandages, perhap even not just on the arm holding the axe but on the one holding the shield too. I like that you didn’t make his armor too symetrical, but I wouldn’t overdo it.


This is a very nice, clean model. Grat character and depth of detail. Are you going to tecture it?



The 5th strap that goes inbetween the 2 left arms
looks out of place to me. Like it just doesn’t belong.
I’d go with just 4 straps.

Other then that this is one of the best character models
I’ve ever seen.






Thanks, your powers of observation never cease to amaze… ;p


Glad you like it man


I’ll try to post an update in a few days or so…


I’m using 3dsmax6 right now, I box model in ePoly.


Thanks for the feedback, I think I will add wraps to the other hand as well… Will have to wait till he’s rigged to model the wraps on the arms though (easier that way)


I’m hoping to finish the model + start the unwrap this weekend, so yes I am definitely going to texture it!


I’ll see what I can do, thanks for the crit and compliment!



Hi all,

The texturing is still really WIP (especially the lower body) but I wanted to post an update. I’m planning some extra modeling too like a scabbard for his sword!

I’ll post again pretty soon


Looking pretty cool man.

I’m anticipating your next update.



Hey man, nice work!! i really like this kind of model!
i think that you could work a little bit in his legs
keep it up!


Its looking good man, keep it up! :buttrock:


nicely done man, I really like the textures on the armor!


Well this is all still really WIP, but I just wanted to post an update, to show you guys how things are shaping up.
A close up on the head…

A far away shot (I added a pouch to the belt)

A shot from the back so you can see the scabbard.

Thanks for any replies I will be posting more updates soon.

[i edited this post from images to links to cut down on load time]


Thats really looking great, any chance of seeing to wireframe cage and UVs. high poly stuff is interesting me alot lately and i’d love to see all i can on the process your using.



i also would like to see some low polis !!

will you add fur to him? becasue in that way he will looks more like a minotaur ,look at blizzard minotaur the hair is exelent you should check on world of warcraft wallpapers.
very nice model:thumbsup:


Dude that is F(&*#($ awesome!! can I be your friend

Alex Bam Bam Biglo


nice details …