Character: Milla Jovovich


So she’s my favourite actress and why not model her in 3D:). This is what i’ve got so far. Software: Maxon Cinema 4D 8.2. the face modelling (nose, eyes and mouth) is quite ready but i don’t seem to get enough personality - it’s probably the shape of the head and lack of hair.


just popin in to say hello…good start…eyes a little tight towards nose…keep going bud…


ok, worked a little on the lips and seem to have got them quite right. but i still can’t catch it what is that tiny detail that gives her personality - is it eyes, lips, shape of head? need help.
here’s a reference if anyone doesn’t know who we’re dealing with here:


I think you should focus on getting rid of the pinches and weird bumps and lumps you’ve got here and there on the face at the moment. they are a little distracting… For example the inner corners of the eyes.

Also, your topology leaves something to be desired. Check out other heads and see how they have solved forehead and cheek-bone areas among other things.

Good luck


i was currently working on the mouth, nose and eyes and got them quite ready. now to the basic shape of the head.


There is usualy a line that goes from the nostrils to the mouth. In old scarred faces that line is very evident (take Bruce Willis for example). Even when you don’t see it in your reference picture, it is probably still there.
Download some wireframes from the modeller Peter Syomka for some great reference on the topology for a female head.


ok, the basic shape of the head is ready. don’t mind the hair, i’ll have to learn some shave and haircut first:). i’ll think about making the ears, if i make a hairstyle that covers the ears, they woun’t be neccesary. wire’s coming soon.


The Jaw on your model seems too pointy and not square enough. I’d focus on the accuracy of her face more before worrying about hair. Also I would recommend making her ears so that you don’t limit yourself to certain hairstyles.




some early eyelashes and eyebrows. tell me what you think about them:


you still have to fix the topology of the face, a female is always softer looking than a male right now it looks like a man who resembles mila crosdressing.


It looks like her chin could be a bit wider. The pic u gave it looks wider than your model.


some updates on the head and the eyebrows, also completed the neck, hair and ears coming soon.


Well done so far.

The nose and chin seems different.


chin fix:


some updates:
got the ear ready and attatched it to the head. does it look good enough or is there something to improve? let me know. now all there is to do is the hair and textures (never done any textures yet so i guess it’ll be a reeeeaaly long time til anything improves on that side :slight_smile: ).wires too:


your right eye (left side on the last pic) is a little odd, the corner should turn up slightly i think…i dunno


i hope i got the nose right now, it was really difficult to achive. and the lips should look more like milla now. the teeth aren’t modeled - they’re a plane with teeth texture - temporary. those rough lines on her face i currently caused by lighting. anybody have a suggestion how to get a nice and soft studio lighting?

another reference pic to get a better idea of the head shape etc


so, any comments or crits before moving on to textures and hair?


an update on the eye: