Character, Michael Filipowski (3D)


Title: Character
Name: Michael Filipowski
Country: Germany

this model was made for a friends game called “die orks” he is planning to develop.
it took me a few month to complete because i worked in my limited free time on it.
i love the warhammer, confrontation and blizzard style and always wanted to create a similar character.
some technical info:
Polycount: 3523 Faces
Texturepage: 1024*1024 for color and alpha
Other Shots:

>> from concept to 3D <<
>> halfsized texturpage <<



this is really cool. i like the character as well as the texture… some animation yet? is there a developmentsite concerning “that” game, or more models? btw. mühlheim near KA?


wow that looks sweet man, excellent texturing i would say and good modelling
if we can see the wireframe, please show us!
i like the texture job, keep it up!


I like Warhammer and “Blizzard art” too!!!

And you did a really good job! Your friend can be happy!


This looks great, both technically, and the character has quite a bit of charm. And, by the looks of him, it was fun to make :slight_smile:


Very expressive , it looks like a warcraft wise orc ( if this is possible ) , nice modeling and great texturing .


No comment tell any more, cause it’s out of load. means best, there is no error.
Keep it up

Best Regards


this is one of the best lowres model i’ve ever seen… Nice mode and textures. I assume the texture you were started with photograph isn’t it? then paint the shading and attaching different sections of dirts? amazing job. i like this rather than blizzard all hand painted texture.


wow great model
awesome texturing as well as modelling
i give you full 5 stars:buttrock:


thats really very great stuffs! really very great textures!:eek:


Well, it looks fantastic, but it looks exactly like Blizzard. If I was making an original game, I’d insist on some originality.


AWESOME work man… I love all that detail you got in the texture, and your rich colours…sweet :applause:


superb modelling and details-well done


great job , the textures are amazing :thumbsup:


What can I say. Just perfectly done. He’s got tons of character. Front page staff.


Man so awesome at a first look i thougth it was highpoly, thats
a proof of your fantastic texture work here, please more of this
stuff simply great.:thumbsup:

Greetz Fox Mc Cloud


thank you all for your reply!

i have made a mistake for the “concept to 3d”-link, so here is the right page
>> from concept to 3D <<



WOW Outsanding! :thumbsup:


You have skills my friend, very well done. :thumbsup:



Absolut orc! Stunning work, man! :thumbsup: