Character: Megatron


Here is one I did for fun. It seems as though there are a lot of Primes out there so I thought I would give Megatron a go. I have not yet had time to texture him but maybe one of these days.


whats up chris, this is brandon. megatron kicks ass. looks like ill have to put up prime soon…


Heck Yea! Have you textured that bad boy yet?


Nope, i havent gotten around to texturing him yet, but i plan on getting it all done tomorrow, after i get through stuffing my faceof course. We still need to get both of ours textured an face them off:thumbsup:


show us more images and some wireframes…this looks great!


man… that looks cool :slight_smile: What this dude needs is a REALLY dramatic camera angle! :buttrock: like… from the ground up. :slight_smile: And a dramatic, evil pose! Hehe! Neat stuff!


As an avid Transformers lover I Have to say good job. But as an avid Megatron lover I have one or two minor crits:

  1. push in his face a bit just so the shadow on his brow looks a little nastier!:twisted:
  2. depending on what your reference is I’dd like to see like more thikness in the arms.

other than that I just would love to see some other POVs and maybe a mesh and you would seriously be my new hero.


Thanks, You are right about showing off the brow a bit more, as for my reference, I use the Marvel Comics, Specificaly issue #8, I love the way he was drawn there. his arms are a little thin in that issue and I thickened them up a tad. I also have a few details from the cartoon thrown in for good mesure. Oh I would love to post a wireframe but I am affraid I do not know how to render one, “I have never had a reason to”. I am using MAYA 4.5 if you know.


Very nice. i agree with the comment about the arms needing to have more thickness to them. Plus if your giong for a maquet look, i ould think about posing him in more of a action pose rather then a stiff stance.

Very nice.


Nice model by the way, Thought i would use your thread as an opp to post my megatron model. Idone him a couple of months back so here you are, trusty old lazerbeak in the background.:buttrock:

Ive also modelled some other transformers including soundwave and most of starscream.


cool…show us the other ones you’ve done…


here you go proton as you asked for them, im glad you like megatron by the way. These are the uncoloured versions. Alas i only just realised that i never finished starscream.


laserbeak for you


and here you go, sorry that its wip in the finished gallery. Hope you all like them :buttrock: :buttrock:


Has anyone a LW transformer thats been animated to transform? I was think about doing this eventually, once I got my skills developed.


looks great…thanx for sharing…


Hey, I really Like your soundwave, he has always been a favorite of mine. here is another look at my Megatron in a less stiff a pose. Although its hard to pose him without getting intersecting geomety. Has anyone tried modeling UNICRON?


Nope, but if you want some reference pics:

Nice looking transformers by the way, you should get around to texturing and animating them.:slight_smile:

All the best. :slight_smile:


Looking good! :buttrock:


That’s actually “Neo Unicron”

I plan on modelling that guy sometime. transforming and all, but i have a few other items on my todo list before hand.

Megatron there is looking mega pimp. same with that shockwave model. I know a few people who would be in love right now.