Character : Mechanic Basketball League


what do you think about this??It´s postapocaliptic basketball team member with his last precious in destroyed playing hall…Please send some crits or advices…Thanx.


well it besides that fact that their is no picture, it looks AWESOME:D


What do you think???“There is no image” ???


you did some very nice details in your mesh here. Its quite entertaining to look at the shape :slight_smile:

critique: i can’t say that i see how this looks anything like a basketball player, though. When we think of basketball players, we think of grace, height, and liquid motion. Maybe you didn’t make it like that because you wanted it to look cartoony? It seems like there could be more here to help the viewer see what you want them to see, though.

I would definitely continue to work on this piece. it looks like you’re going for a cartoony style, yes? maybe you should give all the mechanical parts vivid cartoony colors and really emphasize the shape details you did.


It looks interesting, but I can’t tell what’s supposed to be the player and what’s supposed to be the background. The rain is also pretty uniform and distracting.

Texturing would really help a lot…


2:Pha3z:Thanks,it helps a lot…primary idea was about carton character and when I think about it I should kick this postapocaliptic background to hell and make some cartoon playing hall or something…I´ll work on it
Thanks again…

2:Aja B. : Thank you…about the textures - I´m beginner and I have only basic experiences with map§ing and texturing but I will learn…I hope…:shrug:


well you’ll have to do what you think is going to look best for you. Personally, I don’t think it should be really “textured” as you think of it. I think most of it should be simple cartoony colors on each of the various parts so it looks like the simple 3d cartoon stuff you see from Pixar! You can do all that kind of stuff inside your 3d program. You don’t need much photoshop stuff unless you want fancier surfaces.

oh and the background change sounds like a very good idea. Maybe you should consider making the background a 2d piece and set the 3d image in it? I don’t know how good you are at drawing or using photoshop.


2 Pha3z : Understand what you talking about.I´ll work on it.About the background - I though about 2d but about 2 weeks I will have probably get tablet so it will be much better to do it with him…Thanks again.Excuse my english.


very good,thanks… :wip:


Hi again,
I´ve decided that the cartoon style will be better…so I changed the camera,it will be probably the final look of the image.Of course,in front of him will be very high basketball bin(I don´t exactly know if it´s called bin…)

This is some update…

So, what do you think???



nice idea! :slight_smile: This has much more drama and interest!

this will look very good! but why restrict yourself to just one image? setup another camera and plan to make two or three final images! You put all that work on the front of the model, we’d love to see the front, too!


oh, i just thought of something.

are you using 3ds MAX? there is something called a multi-part/sub-object material in MAX (maya or lightwave should have something similar). You can use it to put a material on your basketball player where each of the parts will have seperate sub-materials. This way you could color each of the parts as seperate peices without having to detatch them from the model.


Hi there,
I have some problems with my registration.I have had to change my nick name and did new registration so it is me Pluged_in but now I´m Pluged-in.

2 Pha3z : My primary idea was to wiew my character from back - how he looks on the bin,which is more higher then him and dream about perfect shoot…I don´t know how to wiew him in front with the bin too…

Yes I use 3d Max5 and I know that Multi/Sub Layer material but I don´t know how to work with it, but I will search for some tutorials…

This will be probably the final picture resolution and camera position:



I have had to change my registration ´cause I have many problems with posting new threads.
I´ve only change my nickame to Pluged-in…

New update - Final camera position and picture resolution :

2 Pha3z: Thanks…I´m using 3dMax5 and I have registered that multi/sub layer thing but I don´t know how to work with it…but I can search for some tutorials…
About the camera…my primary idea is to wiew him from back how he looks on the bin and dream about perfect shoot…if I will wiew him from front wiew,I will not be able to show the bin…


Oh,sorry for double post, I haven´t read the “new member” text…:sad:


looks fine to me! i’m looking forward to seeing the bin :stuck_out_tongue:
get to work! hehe


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