Character: Master Chief Model


Hello all :slight_smile:

I started working on the actual high res version of Master Chief a while ago and recently decided that it would be fun to try and bring it down to a reasonable triangle count for future games. I used the high res model for a normal map. I still have some touch ups here and there, but for the most part its done. I would appreciate crits to try and make this the best it can possibly be. After I’m done with this I am going to create a low poly environment to show off the model.

Here’s what I have so far :

I also created a small animation showing more detail - Small Animation (6 MB)

Ill be back with more updates on the environment.

edit - I modeled the the chief after the action figure and not the ingame model of halo 2


seems ok,the mesh seems to have some polywaste, and i frankly wouldnt tell it has normal maps man, it doesnt show so, it seems only to have diffuse for a normal, cause it isnt a diffuse for regular models that only use diffuse, i would recomend or rendering more shots with proper lightning OR fix the normal map :wink:

i hope i didnt bring you down, i just want to see this kewl :D


thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

while in some area’s i agree there is a whole lot of optimizing that needs to be done, but the normal map on there makes a night and day difference. It just might not be showing up because of the lighting or the fact that its only a static image/static lighting.

Here’s a quick pic of the model showing off the normal map


ahh now we can see the normal map


unfortunately the dark green kind of oversaturates what detail the normal map is providing. From the avi you posted I can see it… barely… but in those still shots the same effect or very near that could be achieved in texture. Nice handycam work, btw it helps with the realism


Nice job. Something that seems out of place is the bulky area on his back. It seems like it is sticking up too high on your model, which is making his chest look funny. Could just be me though.


so I take it this is what he’ll look like in Halo 3? :applause:


He looks more realistic, than the normal halo fighters in Halo, not as shiny, he looks more like has been in a war.


Yeah the polies can be optimized here and there.
I’m also not sure about the texture, it looks very monotome. Break it up with some metal patches or something, maybe some deep scratches etc.
The model itself looks good though!


Thanks guys for the comments. Ill be back later with more updates. But yea I’m definitly trying to make him look more realistic. Like he has been through a lot of battles


yeah some deep scrathes, and some wear and tear where the armour rubs against itself, like along protruding edges. Are you using a spec map, if not youi need one, if you are make better use of it. shiney metal scratches, shineir paint(to show off normals a bit better, but your right to stay away from originals, “showroom car look”), then dull dirty(oil, burns and mud) bits for contrast.


Looks very nice, but you’ll have to work on the helmet, it looks very strange from what I can see… I quickly fixed you up a MC helmet of my own, might help you somewhat =)

If you want a 3ds, just PM me =)


That looks a little like bungies Master Chief mesh

Did you rip it from the game?

If not real nice work…

I’m actually modeling it from the halo 2 action figure, not the ingame model.


Not bad! The green is way too dark and saturated to look realistic or pleasant, and your low poly mesh has some major weak points so far - a lot of fans, a lot of unnecessary thin triangles. Great detail on the normal map, however, and I agree, the proportions are pretty cool, and a little heavier; he looks more realistic. Keep at it!


Hehe, very nice, though. I didn’t rip it, I hate that kind of thing… It’s not really noticable here, but it’s just the front side of the helmet I modeled. There are some slight errors here and there, but please bear with me =)


my apologies then, Just a lot of other people try to pass off bungies work as their own


Theres one other little thing i noticed, the legs look a little far apart, like he goes horse riding at the weekend or something. this might mean that when you rig him he’ll walk like hes been kicked in the knackers, i.e john wayne style.


No problem, man. I know exactly what you mean… If I can help you with anything else, be sure to tell me…

I used the 2 animation wireframe stills from the E3 2003 demo as reference material, because the proportions in the helmet are very hard to estimate, as you might have noticed in your model. And even with those wireframes I had a hard time (the pipe-thingies on both sides of his mouth are missing in my model, because of pure lazyness on my side =))…

Also, the model is a bit too dark for my liking, give it a nice specular map with a lighter green and it’ll look a lot more believable. As I said before, the helmet is very flat, and the nose-part is a bit too extruded for my liking. The normal map also looks a bit too noisy, doing it al little more subtle will bring out the deeper parts, so you can add some more scratches and such to it.

Edit: I used my ubar-1337 h4x0r Paint-skills (shakes fist at compression quality) to show you where you can lose a lot of polys, from what I can see… Just flatten out the green parts here, you don’t need to model that detail into the low-poly mesh. =)


Looks like I’m going back to the drawing board on the model. I’m going to try to get it down to 7,000 triangles. It shouldnt be too hard. I also agree with the legs being a little too far apart. And about the helmet… again I’m modeling it off the halo 2 action figure, not the ingame model :stuck_out_tongue:


True, but I was talking about the action figure (I was self-critting my own model there, but after that paragraph I was talking about yours :wink: ). I have my own 3 little Halo 2 MCs (including Warthog, Tartarus and some Brutes) on my desk here…