Character-Masked assassin-WIP


plz give some addvice.thx for ur support.

here is Concept Design

the frontview

the backview


Looks good overall so far :slight_smile:

The shoulder areas in the concept look like they may be cloth, and in the model it looks more like metal armor. If thats cloth, it would probably look better being closer to the arms, even though the concept has it flared outward.

Posting a wireframe would be helpfull.


yea its kinda hard to tell from what ya got posted, but it looks like the chin is sticking out quite far, yea a wire frame would help alot to give some better crits. are you trying to stay under a certain poly limit?


The shin guards look a little thin, too paper like. The blades he has aren’t curved enough like the drawing. All in all though dude your on the right track and can’t wait to see this one UV mapped and textured. Looks good. :thumbsup:


thx all.plz go on ur criticising!!!
ur criticism is my power


looks very nice, but Id give yourself some extra polys to refine the curve of those blades, they are such a dominant part of the characters look



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