Character: Martin Bird


This is my latest character, made using Lightwave.

I’ve just finished the rigging, and proving to myself that I could get the wings animating nicely with managable controls, so I thought I’d post it and update while I do the texturing and general tweaking, finishing off with a test animation.

The Texturing will be quite tricky, lots of layered UV maps for the textured feathers, so it’ll be just as challenging as getting the wings working.

UPDATE LINKS--------------------------------------------------------------

Update 1: Rig Description

Update 2: Wing Texture

Update 3: Wing Texture

Update 4: Finished Wing Texture & Surface Layering

Update 5: Head and Body textures

Update 6: Covert textures

Update 7: Leg textures & final tweaking

Update 8: Texture examples

Update 9: Test Flying animation

Update 10: Finished Character Test animation


im impressed with the wings, I couldn’t do that with my abilities. Well, I don’t havy any crits, I cant wait to see it textured though.


Awesome ! A part from a technicaly perfect rig (that you know how to make), did you also use endomorph for wings deformations ?


:buttrock: can u do a tutroial for wings rig?:love:


I agree - its excellent rig:applause:
I wait for animation - Keep that way!


Well done Jonny! Fantastic!:applause: Great modeling and rigging! Can’t wait to see the final textured character! If ya dont mind?? Whats if for?? Could only imagine what the environment would look like!


Looking good.
No crits here.
Love the look on his face!


Will you show the Rig?

The character’s face pops out very well.



Very very nice ;D


excellent wings,

cant wait to see more animation,
Hope he eventually talks.

:applause: :bounce:


Like everyone else,
was particularly impressed with the wings,
cute dolphiny kinda face, your character,
already has a lot of character. love it.

I’d love to see it with textures. :thumbsup:


your work is simply stunning!!!


Perfect, the wings look great and the model is so nice! :thumbsup: Can’t wait to see more of this guy! :smiley:


that is amazing!


fantastic, 2 thumbs up :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I humbly bow to you, great sensei!


Good job man! :applause: :thumbsup:


Very nice work, I’d like to know how the wings were constructed…



Very cool.

The wing design is great so far, the head features are interesting, overall :thumbsup:


Excellent!! that is great , wings seem to be the most difficult appendages to model/rig and animate. i also agree any form of tutorial regaurding the wings on this little guy would be a great benifit to us all.