Character : male head


hi, after lots of lurking in these forums, this is my first post. over the past few years i’ve been getting into then falling out of 3d as a hobby but hopefully this piece is a sign that i’m moving onto a new level of competence.
the inner eye area isn’t quite right - does the inner corner of the eye recede as far back into the head as the outer corner of the eye?
if anyone can point out any other mistakes, that would help.

[i intend to texture it soon, can anyone recommend good tutorials on texturing heads - ones where they explain things like specularity maps? there seem to be lots of head modelling utorials but less on texturing it well.]

there’s a sideview here


Something is wrong with the eyes, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. For one thing, the eyelid doesn’t conform to the eyeball, which is important. Also, it looks like the outside corner of the eye is higher than the inside corner. I think the outside corner should slightly lower than the inside corner. That way, it would sort of match the droopy look of his lips. The eyes may also be slightly small, but it’s hard to tell with this point of view. It would help if you could post a front, side and wire view as well.

As for skin texturing tutorials, there is an excellent one by Leigh van der Byl, “Creating Realistic Skin Textures,” in issue 36 of Keyframe magazine. It’s a back issue, but you can order it from DMG publishing. It is far and away the best face texturing tutorial I’ve seen.



thanks for the reply. checking the width of the eyes against a 5 segment box primitive, the head is 5 eyes wide which i think is correct.

i can now see that the inner corner is lower than the outer corner, which i will definitely put right. perhaps it looks a bit odd because the angle of the eyes makes it look as if his face should have an angry expression but instead his face is in an neutral pose?

i’ve since read on these forums that the top eyelid is further forward than the bottom eyelid, so i’m going to correct that as well.

here’s a wire, you can see that the front and side refs don’t match up that well, which did cause a last minute adjustment to the the eyes, so they may well look a bit funny


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