Character: Machine Flesh inspired


well after having a lot of fun with my 2D entry into the Machine Flesh competition I thought I’d have a go now at “trying” to build it 3D, this at least is the start



Why does that model look sooo familiar?
Nice start, Brian - Can I sniff a Machine Flesh Challenge Mk2 coming? :wink:
Be watching closely!



:smiley: thanks Chris, yeah I’m really kind of curious to know if I can pull it off in 3D :eek:


There’s definitely something that smells around here anyway, that’s for sure! :smiley:


low on deo again James ??? :smiley: :smiley:


Damn, you got me there :thumbsup:


so they’ve taken me ages but I’ve added ears.


Looking good and clean there!

The only crit I can come up with at this point is things that looked slightly different in the concepts, and a bit better to… those things illustrated in the attached image, in which the blue line indicates a slightly more aggressive “pinch” on the pointy, rear part of the ear, and some kind of crease/scar/damage/old war-wound indicated by the green line, which I believe was sort of present in the 2D version… minor things, but they add a lot of character.


yeah I’d been thinking about a few scars, still no too sure with the “really” pointy ears though, I felt it just looked a bit odd in 3D :shrug:


M’yep… that happens sometimes… It’s a 2D thing, I guess :slight_smile:


Wow Brian! Is great that you’re putting a new dimension (Z hehe) to your Machineflesh 2D concept!


looks nice so far. I really like what I am able to see of the concept sketch, it’s a nice idea for a, uhm, character. can you post the sketch itself? that’d be great…


Kool shit ! Will be interesting to watch this one pan out.


Man, that looks SOOOO cool, I can’t wait to see the final product!


easy enough, it based on my 2D entry for the Machine Flesh Challenge here


I’ve done a bit of work on his upper gums and teeth, which I’ve shortened, sort of occurred to me that he wouldn’t really be able to close his mouth with them the length they were before, that being said they are still probably to long :shrug: …any thoughts??

I’ll pull the lips in again to fit about closer around the gums later too


I don’t know, It looks awesome to me; you have to choose between the esthetic and the practic; but you’ll not build this amazing thing in the real world, so why don’t you keep the original amazing teeth? :smiley:


hehe, good point :smiley:


keep the style of the teeth, they look pretty good… but I would shorten them a bit. I don’t think that’ll make them anything less menacing.


I like it …keep up the good work!!