Character: "Luella Lynn"


Hi everyone. I go to Ringling School of Art and Design and am working on my thesis titled, “Luella Lynn”. This is her WIP and the second pass on texturing. Ive also got plenty of blend shapes which ill post soon. Crits welcome…Enjoy!


it definitely gets your attention!

what an odd looking character!

do you have a displacement on her or is it bumpmapped?


i think it is the typical face of a sweet old lady that wants to kiss her little grandchild :smiley: great!


here is a few of many different character designs ive gone through to get this far. you can see a slight evolution, though not in any order.

Joss. no dispalcement. im using bumpmaps with geometry to get different variations of bump. shes actually a pretty heavy mesh and the bump resolution is also high, but shes well worth it i think.


hey, its margaret thatcher!


“What an odd looking character”

I dunno if I want to like something as odd as that. I give you credit, it is unique! Good stuff none the less. Great texturing.


The only real problem I see is the eye is not fitted into the anatomy. Try making a sphere as a mock-up and place it in the geometry and maybe you can find an eye that will work. Also, the wrinkling is a bit too severe. You need to open up the polys a little as currently they look a little unnatural LOL, it all looks unnatural, but I think you know what I mean. The level of detail is pretty nice.

it’s a very unique look. I actually like it quite a bit, and the concept art is really fab. I’d love to see more of the character if you have it. Keep up the great work


the first thing i thought of when i saw this is that she looks like she is looking up. I dunno if thats how you want it, but i think maybe the nose and eyes could be a little more at a forward position and not up, also the arms body and legs look like they are just stuck onto the bottom of her head. Nice textures.


here are some sides and a front view. keep in mind that her left side isnt finished as far as the texture and bump mapping goes. i dont care for mirroring the textures. ill be updating it in a bit. besides, everyone always wants to be shot on their good side .


that looks great.very nice style.




well to comment on her face. yes, her attributes are physically impossible. a boolean subtract is keeping her eyes from popping out of her skin. plus she will have to move her whole head down to look downward. im counting on that.
i had to take the eyelashes from her bottom lid. they were just causing too much trouble with her cheek geometry.
if anybody has any suggestions on how i can push the skin to a level of more “realism”, i would like to hear it. i think i have the right idea, but will have to keep pushing the bump map i think. it will be a while till i go back and fix the textures some more.
i am also thinking about big mole with a hair or two sticking out of it, some more eyeliner, a bit more blush and some eye shadow.


Originally posted by drewantarctic
… if anybody has any suggestions on how i can push the skin to a level of more “realism”, i would like to hear it. …

If the creasing is strictly a bump map, you can feather the edge, like with a blur or something, and maybe reduce their amplitude. if they are created by modeling, increasing the point spread between valley and hill on the creases will soften them a bit. I had that problem on the legs of my current project where I had to move the points creating the definition of the muscle to be shallower and widen the distance between the crease valley and the crease edge.

I still like it quite a bit, even with the niggle about the eye…


I think I’m going to be sick…

Great texturing though.


Such an original model. So refreshing to see in forums like these. Maybe you should model the eye properly instead of just texturing it? It will loosen the puppet feel to it though then. But I think it would be a step in the right direction.

Please do keep us posted on animations, I’d love to see some done with your character.



ultra weirdness, very “interesting” :stuck_out_tongue:


This is one crazy looking model… I almost want to hate it but its just so weird looking I like it. I love the fact that her eyelashes are these huge rods coming out of her eyelids lol!!

Good work


man that is one ugly woman… I love this kind of stuff. I wish there were more interesting designs like this. brilliant work


This women gives me the creeps. Those boobs. Man I am going to have nightmares.


thanks guys. ive been working hard. ive got another pass to do on her texture and i will then post that with some blend shape poses. stay tuned…