[Character] | LOST SOUL from DOOM 3


Hi there guys,

so here I am again with another W.I.P. This time, it’s a little different, since the project I’m gonna be presenting is 100% complete now so this thread will be rather a project overview then a w.i.p. But that doesn’t mean you can’t post any suggestions/crits/comments, NOT AT ALL, quite reverse, please POST as many as you wish, because I always like to hear some comments on my work.

Ok, now to the project. Since I’m a huge DOOM 3 fan, I decided I wanted to re-create their lost soul character, but in high-poly and also modify the original artwork I found on the net, since somethimes 2d can’t be fully made into 3d and also I wanted to give it my own touch as well.

This is the artwork [© id software] by KENNETH SCOTT

Now, the other thing is that I was doing this for EXPOSE III, so, it was supposed to be a still image, with a fixed camera (which I had to decide in the very begining) and mainly it was going to be rendered at a very high res (my guideline was an A3@300dpi which I, in the end, oversized a little bit, so the final res. is 5000x3750 pixels!) therefor all the textures were supposed to be HUGE! I can tell now, that the smallest texture is 1000x1000 and the biggest one is 6000x6000 all hand painted :eek:

Ok, so I hope you’ll like my progress and post soooo many comments I won’t be able to read thru :buttrock: :smiley:


Os, so obviously I had to start with the head. Now, the idea is to model a base mesh, then upress it several times til I get enough detail and then sculpt those fine details in there using PolySculpt script.

The setup [btw: I based the head on my girlfriend’s sister :twisted: ]:

Very early modeling:

Half way there:

A bit more work:

A bit more work from different angle:

Preparing for the machinery part:

Split the model in two parts:

Split the model in two parts [wire]:


Mmmm… I guess you need a little bit more to start posting right? :shrug: :smiley:

Started on the mechanics:

A bit more work on the mechanics:

Even more work on the mechanics:

Hope you’ll like… :thumbsup:


keep up the good work :thumbsup:
it’s looking amazing so far, i will watch this thread to see how it’s going on.


No vyzera to pjekne :wink: keep working loocas :wink:


So far so good, not good, amazing ! Ive seen most of your 3d work so i can tell this one will be very good…

Im working on my own scene now, but i will check this threed to see your progress.

Good luck, althroght i know you dont need it :wink:


To stenosis|kil: Thanks man :thumbsup:

To DenkoM: Diky man, nejspis zejtra prihodim par dalsich test renderu… mezitim to ted pujdu vytisknout na plakat A3 :smiley:


Looks very promising to me…keep up the awesome work :thumbsup:


Awesome job so far! Im also a huge fan of DOOM and DOOM 3. I can’t wait to see this one finished. Work, work, work! :thumbsup:


THANKS A LOT :thumbsup:

And don’t worry, as I said in the introduction, this project is ALREADY DONE!, I’m just posting my wip here so I can finally get somebody to take a look at it and comment on it as well. I find it a little frustrating working on something really intense and have no feedback… but since my time schedule I had to do it this way :cry:

Anyways, thanks guys and looking fwd to more comments :bounce:


hi there,

the model is looking better and better as you go ! i love it! can’t wait to see the finished one. so far no crits. Keep it coming!



Ah, so its already done?! Keep posting some WIP shots. QUICK! I must see it finished.


I like how this one is shaping up. Keep pluggin’. :buttrock:


Looks very cool, keep em coming! Will keep on an eye on this thread. Are you going to Zbrush it?


Ok… ok… dudes, you’ve persuated me… :scream:

Just two more before I go for lunch…

Started shaping up the main engine cover:

The main engine added:

Hope you’ll like it :thumbsup:


Btw: I wouldn’t definitely mind if you rated this thread :smiley: :hint: :hint: :thumbsup:


No problemo dude. This is exceptional work.

Thats crazy that you’re just getting ready to go to lunch, while here in California, I’m just getting ready to have dinner. You crazy Australian. :stuck_out_tongue:




To satch919: Heh :thumbsup: yeah, this whole time offset is mad and it’s also pretty cool how people are very easily connected via the net… it’s just cool :thumbsup:

To buckas: Thanks man, but you haven’t seen anything yet :cool: Wait for the texture show-off :scream:

I can also say now, that the entire project was built of 3.5 million polygons and all the textures took 2GB of space on my hdd, therefor the rendering was a HUGE pain in the a$$ since my 1GB Ram 3Ghz cpu computer couldn’t cope with all the stuff :cry:

Well, you’ll see… soon :thumbsup:


i didnt get quite far enough in doom3 to see a lost soul. twas a bit too scary for me, especially when it runs so well on my computer (something i wasnt used to).
its looking fantastic. id expect nothing less from an australian. :wise: