Character: Lost Man (mild nudity)


Hi, this is my first human model. I made him for an animation I’m working on over the next few weeks - he is currently fully rigged, but I’ll do the facial expressions as I go, as there won’t be many and I’m running out of time :). I don’t particularly like animating, so it will be very limited, in more of a ‘moving comic book’ style. He has no ears, eyes, nostrils. He’s meant to look tired, lost, distressed and worn.

Thanks to those who gave me crits in the Focused Critques forum and my pals at Unfortunately I’m way out of time now, so I have to move on from the modelling.

Here are some stills I did nice raytraced renders of:


And some boring old hemi light shots of the model:


wut the hell is wrong with his pee-pee? :hmm:


Originally posted by zisland
wut the hell is wrong with his pee-pee? :hmm:

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you my nomination for “Comment of the Year” on


Haha! Indeed :slight_smile:

Yes, I’d so far decided to just give him a lump rather than being fully detailed. My rationale is that the animation is quite serious, abstract, philosophical and I’m worried about people finding it a bit farcical if they are constantly watching his member swinging around rather than concentrating on the bigger picture. I guess I’m also a bit shy about people comparing it to me, since it’s kinda personal and allegorical.

I guess though on the other hand, adding it may make it even more serious/confronting. I guess I don’t really know how viewers will react. Hrm… I’ll see.

Here are some wires.





Ok, here he is with updated anatomy. With? Without? Opinions?


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