Character : LoP : recon


Hello! Been a while since I’ve completed a personal peice so i think its about time. Many more details to come on this guy as well as a second character to take the drivers seat in the look out/control tower…

Your comments/suggestions/critiques are always welcomed.


Awesome work dude. I was going to say I luv his cute little head… but I luv it all.
There are facets showing on the top two exhaust things.


so much style, my friend… glad you had time to work on some personal stuff… now what can I say? texture it!


great concept, great execution. more updates!


Originally posted by Gkaine
great concept, great execution. more updates!


Frickin fantastic as always :wink:


thats sweet, I like the desighn, modeling and i am eager to see some updates. are you going to texture and or rig this?



great concept,keep going~


love it! waiting to see more.


Very cool!
Love the design!



Don’t give me any crappy excuses like “im busy with work”…cause i know thats bs



Argh you deserve a third degree slap for not telling me you were working on this one! Its excellent and it goes along with your style which i love. And yea no excuses now, update! Take care!



This is beautiful, I’m in love with the style!!

My only crit is that some of the skinnier anteneas on the back are too skinny, they don’t fit well in negative space…you might try a different design on those teneas’

As well I’m not a big fan of the repetitive square motif…its another thing that doesn’t seem to fit the design…

But still absolutely beautiful work, I’d love to call it my own…


Thanks for the encouragment and suggestions everyone! Here’s an update on the progress…Just tinkering when ever i have a spare moment…much more to do.

Your comments and critic are always welcomed!!



I really don’t have any crits at the time being.

I like the style you’re going for, and am looking forward to seeing a texture.



Are you gonna zbrush that head? I kinda like it plain:)

Can’t wait to see your texturing now that you’ve had to do as part of your job:)


Dur, Kwak…thanks guys, glad you like the progress so far :). As for the zbrush question, I’m still a bit undecided but i think i may skip that step, I too like the simple head and i think textures and bump maps will be more then enough…we’ll see though. Heres a shot of his backside as it stands right now…ignore those seams :).

be happy :wink:


Haha, that looks awesome :slight_smile:

Keep it up!


thanks grimpfarfar…




Nice update fetus, it keeps inspiring me! So clean and smooth yet detailed. Was the head displaced or why isnt it there anymore, it was pretty nice. Take care!