character : lolita/bimbo


A character started after seeing Sarah on Daz3d (the free model), she also looks a little like the one from Kim Goossens (amazing model).
For the moment she’s a bit too “round”, what do you think ?
Anyway it’s great fun to work on such characters. :slight_smile:


A wire and a side view.


judging on her proportions, she would fit great in ‘Erotica Island’ :beer: (I’ve never played a single level of that game!!!)

seriously, the mesh in the face looks great, very efficient modeling :thumbsup:


only crit i have is the breasts are too square shaped…round them out more.


shame on you modeling nude girls…I bet you enjoy it


“Pa-dow!!” That girl’s got some junk in her trunk.

Seriously, I think that if you’re planning keep her current proportions, you might want to make her breasts less blocky. Also, from the side her body from the waist up is to far forward or maybe just to thin. At any rate, her booty, although nice and round looks wrong from the side.
The changes you need to make are very minor and will still preserve her exaggerated ASSets.
Nice work. :thumbsup:


Bootylicious! Shake it! Shh…Shake it! Shake it like a polaroid picture!

Since I’m fixated on her assets, I must say that the transition from her lower torso to her booty is a bit too pronouced, I think a smoother transition is in order. And yes, her Dolly Partons are bit square.

But those aside, it’s a very nice model, but the resemblance to Kim’s model is very close. You might want to change it up a bit.


Hi Julien,

It looks like you’re off to a good start! :thumbsup: I do see a couple of things that you might want to consider tweaking. Take these crits for whatever they’re worth:

The legs seem too big for the rest of the body. Some might argue that they’re too long, but I’ve seen long-legged women and don’t think that’s the problem. In this case, I think they’re too bulky. They also seem to sit a little too far back from the pelvis. If you opt to keep the large thigh, you might want to enlarge the pelvis accordingly. Also, the calf should be smaller than the thigh, and could use a little more rounding.

The breasts don’t really bother me, but as others have noted, they do have a squareness to them. More of an issue for me is that they resemble implants. Breasts are not naturally as pointy as they appear in your model, even in younger women. :eek:

The nose has a little pinching at the bridge inbetween the eyes. It’s not a real problem, but your wires are really clean and it probably wouldn’t hurt to add an extra band of polys for more control in this area.

The rear is too small for the thighs and too big for the torso. But if you’re going for a hyper-stylized look, it’s not a problem. Otherwise, you might want to tone it down a bit.

Other than that, it seems to be coming along nicely. And in an unrelated note, I’ve checked out your site and am really enjoying your “Blue” cartoon strip. The expression you’re getting from your character is sublime, the posing is terrific, and the humor is subtly wonderful!




Her proportions, eye shape and lips all point towards her being african-american. I just recently saw a tv show about body shape and heritage which pointed this out well, the large booty and thighs being the most prominant feature.

So personally I’d adjust these features, or adjust her skin color.

But apart from that, I agree with Steve’s comments.


kretin - or she could be one of those hollywood girls that has gone under the knife a few times :slight_smile:


Thanks for the comments, it’s very instructive when the general tips all go in the same direction, you don’t always notice those evident things when you are into the modeling.
I’ll post some more asap. :slight_smile:


Update :
She’s less “round” now :slight_smile:

And a quick test render :


Woo-hoo!! Babygirl is lookin’ good!!

The changes you made really improved her look without sacrificing her style.
I’ve actually wanted to do a sexy toonish female too; ever since I saw Gossens’ girl.

You planing on rigging her? Can’t wait to see her animated with lots of secondary motion.:applause:


Originally posted by Locutus
Can’t wait to see her animated with lots of secondary motion.:applause:

hahaha, nice. :beer:


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