Character - Lil' Hellboy


Hey Everybody,

I’m starting a new WIP of Lil’ Hellboy, a younger version of the Hellboy from the comics.

I just doodled this tonight, very basic, haven’t defined any detail yet.

The plan is to make a fairly basic edge-modeled cage and then do displacement maps using Zbrush 2…then experiment with SSS, and finally rig it all up and make an animation…or get someone else too.

anyway, crit if you want, it’s only a couple hours of work…DUR! I’ll probably finish geo by Wed/Thurs, then start Zbrush.


a ref:pic

not trying to match the ref completely, going for a semi-realistic inbetween.


hehe good stuff kol. nice to see your expanding your style of work , will keep an eye on this :slight_smile:

only small crit so far is that maybe there shopuld be some sort of divison from the horns and the head, or is it suppose to fuse together smoothly like that??


Looking cool so far, only thing that is slightly bothering me is he’s horns which look to adult, maybe make then shorter and thicker. Anyway as you said only a couple hours into it, i’ll visit later and check for an update. Keep it up!


good start as usual keep it up mister KwAK.


It looks cool so far I dig the style


Didn’t work on it too much tonight, maybe tomorrow.


its a good start kolbay, but it kind of looks like vin diesel. But you know if thats what your looking for, then go for it.


It doesn’t look anything like Vin Diesel…you bastard…

I hate you guys so much right now…seriously you guys…


nice work so far man,keep going.:slight_smile:


Yeah, its a nice start there KWAK, but I have to agree its looking a little like Vin. Maybe you should expand your reference collection :wink:

Keep up the good work!


well done, I like the shirt and the glove… but I think you should take another look at the wrist and palm of the right hand, the geometry seems to be a bit off.

make sure to post the zbrush stuff, I’d really like to see the final version of this one.


Yep, definately Vin


nice start. :wink:




Very good
Keep going!


vin diesel ? ? ? ? VIN DIESEL!! . . . . argghh . . . looks good tho man . .hehe, who cares if its vin diesel, its a nice start. hell, all human torso are looks like each others … . looks good so far man, keep updating it.


Those guys who are saying it looks like Vin Diesel are my buddies, they’re just ****ing around.

My first character model was Vin Diesel and they bug me that every face I’ve made since then looks like Vin.

They’re just being assholes… :slight_smile: good guys though.


I might do an update tonight…depends, I’ve pretty tired out after work today.


And stop saying my name in your posts;)


Well on a serious note your young hellboy is lookin sweet. But i agree with weasel.acuh5o about the hand of doom. the palm seems to be a bit bloated its more square and thin in the comics .the fingers are also more flat in the comic book. also the wrist is usually kind of like a ball joint. and the bottom right hand fold in the shirt seems a bit big, it makes the fabric seem thicker then a thin undershirt. i can’t wait to see this finished so keep up the posts.

-chad fraser


hellboy hangover eh?? just kiddin…looks like a good start.
i dont know much about hellboy so i was wondering if young hellboy is a mike mignola design or is it ur interpretation? coz his right arm is freakin huge! anyway i’ll be following this thread so keep udating!


Well i think the idea was that the arm never really grew as it was made of stone so it would be about the same size as it is when he’s fully grown… Or it only grew marginally compared to the rest of him.

Thats the impression i got anyway.