Character , Lahodong (3D)


Title: Character
Name: Lahodong
Country: Korea (South)
Software: 3ds max

hi everyone.
this is my recently work.
I like the form which is fun.
This referred to Venus.
i used 3dsmax6.0 and brazil renderer,photoshop.
feel free to give me your opinion.
Sorry for my bad english


Very well done, are u going to animate it? It would be nice seeing it moving with those feet!

• For the model an textures, no critics, i like the foggy atmosphere :applause:

The Climax


it is not familiar to animation.

it is not animate because only made design,illust.

i also hope animate it.

thank you your interesting.

have a nice day.


Very nice, specially the design, in my opinion the blue color drives your eyes to the lower part of the character… but besides of that great image


The robot reminds me of the model that Pete Draper did in one of the magazines a while back… the design anyway.
Still… its a nice design and render.


I have seen the magazine.
but My design refer to venus form.(sculpture of Paleolithic age)
But there is shaving which is similar. The fact that it does not intend.
Thank Your opinion .

I agree paconabarro`s opinion.
My wife also tell me same your color
I make up fault.
thank you


ohhhh!!! grat work very nice mechanix i like specially the design but i regret the rendering too cold …:bounce:


Just try to reduce a bit blue color,I think it will be better.:bounce:


Very Good :applause:

If you reduce the blue, or high the contrast, could be better. Any way, I like it.


I really like this robot-guy! As already mentioned, maybe that blue seems a little strange.
Since i’m a 3D beginner, i can’t really give you an expert opinion on the texturing and stuff, but my overall impression -> great model :). The robot really makes the impression to be very heavy. That guy seems to live on the same planet as those robots from “The 5th Element”


The blue may be over the top but it does do a lot of good to the illustration. Without the photoshop effect it would be the model that one would judge. But there isn’t a lot to critique. It’s funny and gentle. R2-D2’s cousin.


Criticizing against a color is many…
Why I, will not know it that time?
It does to know it and thanks.
It will do more eagerly.


Great model. I don´t like the render color, but the model is amazing.

Good work


It had the 3DSmax6.0 and it worked.

it used edited poly,meshsmooth,lather,FFD box,uvw wrap.

The color amended with photoshop6.0.

I like a little contrast.^^

thank your opinion.


I really like the design, the robot feels nice and heavy. The rounded forms create some nice light and shadow areas. I do think you should bevel more parts of the robot though; the bigger, rounded parts pick up highlights that the smaller, sharp ones don’t.
The fingers should also be posed offset. They are all in too perfect alignment.

As for the lighting, I think you went too extreme here. I think the blue atmosphere works against you and the blown out highlights don’t seem to fit in at all. It might be subjective but in my opinion the lighting is the weakest part.



Extremely good textures, modelling is at least correct. Perfect lightening also. Just a good job.


thats a very nice concept! hope you can animate it man, :slight_smile:


I really like the concept and the form of this robot, i apreciate the details of the general scene and render too.

Great work.:thumbsup:



Nice detail, but the image appears “washed out.” Maybe you could post another render without postwork.


try to reduce a bit blue color.