character: Kiro_3dmaxModel


I have finally started to learn 3dmax(learned Maya first). It’s hard to get used to but I think I’m getting the swing of it. Here is my first product… It’s one of my charcters called Kiro. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Cheers


cool meng!, texture that sucka!!!..j


All in good time, meng! I’ll keep posting updates.


---- doesnt look bad

I´ve got to go I´ll crit later


cool does he really need the indents on his gauntlets and boot straps tho? he doesnt look very hi-res so id remove the indents and add the polys else where but thats me also the back of his legs are straight pull that edge loop out at the back slightly or something


looks like you have a lot of areas were you could make quads and lower your poly count.


how do u mean matzu? the polycount (unless im mistaken) is in tri’s and the fact he has a mix of quads or tri’s on the model wouldnt alter the tri count :slight_smile:


Good points, Commy. I’ll change the back of his leg and probably loose the indents on the gauntlets. I like the strap though:)

Matzu, the count is in tris… so it wouldn’t make a difference. Although I probably could still edit it down a bit.

Prs-Phil, I look forward to your crit.

I should have an update by tommorow. Cheers!


Good stuff. Looking forward to the textures.


Looks perrty cool. I’d definitely lose the gauntlet indents, and unless he’s supposed to have some hard edge armour plating on his chest (which may be the case,) round out his chest area with the polys gleaned.



Gnome- I’m looking forward to getting the uvs done and starting the texturing.

pseudoBug- I’ve taken out the gauntlet indents… I’ll just texture them. Thanks for the input.


everything has been said, … its not a killer char but its a soled model.

Maybe his torso is to long, try moving the whole feet until the hip area, upwards.

The only thing that bothers me are the unturned edges on the right knee.

waiting for the texture :slight_smile:


Here’s my uvs… There isn’t much stretching that I can find. My main concern is the layout of them. Thanks


Thats gonna look real nice when its all textured :slight_smile:

Thats a pretty cool checker text too heh, where did you find that?


TRyanD; Hopefully it’ll look good when it’s textured :] The checker pattern is from my teacher(Gnome, who posted above). I’m taking a 3d for Videogames part time course at Vancouver Film School. I’m sure he won’t mind if I share it.

Gnome; if you don’t want this up just let me know and I’ll take it off.


Here’s an update of the flat colours and some of the layout done.


the colours are looking good, give’r matty…j


Not sure why you’ve decided to paint the torso as his skin. First of all you’ve not modeled the pecs at all, and the way that you’ve modelled the rebcage is a bit weird. The way that it is modelled, I was assuming that he would have some sort of armor up there. I’d definitely rework the torso if your going the skin route.

But hey, it’s your model.


Thanks Bink

pseudoBug… I guess I should’ve posted some conceptart. It should make more sense now.

and actually this model is going off of a 3rd version of this character. I just don’t have a cleaned up version to scan. Hope it works better now.


Aahh! Makes a bit more sense now. You still might want to round out the pecs a bit.

By the way; Are these your concept drawings? They’re quite tasty.