Character: John Edwards caricature


Apparently, this is the only place they will allow me to post my work. It’s finished, I’d like a critique, yada yada yada. I really would like to know why they will not let me post my work in the finished 2D work (hosted) section. I believe on the last two submissions that I followed all the rules for posting there. Can the moderator please answer this simple question for me? Otherwise, I’ll just discontinue coming back to CGTalk.


Maybe you can try posting the moderator questions in the support forum.

So, I’m curious have you had a lot of interest in your caricatures due to the upcoming election like maybe some conservative groups are looking for them now a days (?)

Sorry, not qualified to critique.


Thanks for the advice. I do plan on doing Bush and Cheney caricatures soon.


Maybe they are not letting you post in finished cause it’s political? That’s just a guess though…


That would be silly, don’t you think? Art is best when it makes a statement. But this is just a caricature I felt like doing of a celebrity, even though the guy is running for office. But anyways, it’s finally up in the finished 2D section. Still wonder why my John Kerry still isn’t up.


a little outtake of the rules for submitting to the hosted finished work section:

  • This is for quality work that you feel proud to share with the community. Please do a self assessment of your work prior to submitting it. Do not post any “This is my first 3D render” or “This is my first test of xyz software”.

…have another look on the hosted forums and ask yourself if your work is really up to par …imho your work needs a certain edge more the get in there … but I’m no mod so I can’t tell you for sure … greetz


As far as this pic goes, I think you’ve made Edwards’ head too long. It should be more of a triangle shape. Hair looks good. It looked the reverse in your John Kerry picture – face looked great, but I didn’t like the gradient coloring you used on his hair. I thought that looked too much like a short cut.

I’m not criticizing here, just offering suggestions on how to improve them before you consider them finished.


Thanks for your comments.


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