Character : Jesus C.


Hello there!
So it’s my first post here on cg talk, and i wanted to share some of my work with such a great community! I’m a french student, 20 years old, and i’ll start an infograph school program this end of year. So it’s important to understand that i’m not a professional, i want to become one of course, but my work is just a pleasure for the moment. So I wanted to share a drawing of Jesus. Just a 600 dpi scan, colored with photoshop and an A6 Wacom graphic tablet !!! I hope most of you will like it, but i obviously want to be critisized !!! So let’s talk about it, and feel free to post! Thanks!


I think you forgot to attach the image. There’s not even a box with a red x.


well, the title captured me… i wanna see a good representation of jesus christ in art…something cool… i think i’m inspired to do one now… :slight_smile:


yeah, :)Can’t wait to see it. PoR3, we’ll wait you attach the image:D!!


I’m really really sorry cuz I have just discovered that I cannot post attachement under the 30 messages cap. So I will let you see my picture as soon as possible ! Thank you so much for your interest!


Welcome to cgtalk, I can’t wait either to see what you got :bounce:


I’m interested in seeing it as well. Try hosting it for free at


Thank you Andyman, your help was greatly appreciated :slight_smile:
So I hosted the picture there, I hope you’ll like it as much as I do :slight_smile:
I made it in maybe 4/5 hours for the drawing, and as I remember the same time was spent under photoshop. You’re right I’m not really fast :slight_smile:

So here is the original scan:
and here the colored version:

Thx you all again!


Hey PoR3, That’s a nice image!!!:thumbsup: I see you take a “Passion Of The Christ” as the reference?
are you gonna continue it? btw keep up the good work!!!:slight_smile:


I thought that the image was pretty finished, but I think I’ll continue it a bit, maybe concentrate a little more on the crown, cuz I focused on the skin and scars, and like it so much ! :slight_smile:
Yes I took the idea from the Passion Of Christ Androgs !


awesome, you have some good hair painting skills… finally we’re able to see it… nice work man. i like the details in the scars and cuts… really convincing. and you spent a good time on that i suppose. :slight_smile: is this done or are you gonna improve it? maybe give it a background… a setting… that would be cool too… otherwise a portrait like this is nice enough… just a suggestion. keep it up! hoping to see more. i’m really inspired to do a religious piece now. :slight_smile: thanks to you


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