Character: jennifer



welcome to my first Cgtalk post.



I’m sure your welcome here will be most appreciated, I can see you have contributed one amazing peice of artwork. One of the best PS ladies I have ever seen. :thumbsup:


isnt it jst a photo?
if its rerally PS then:eek: WOW! unbelievable:applause:
but i still wanna see some of your ealier steps!
hokk us up with some more piccies dude!:thumbsup: :smiley:


Since I just recently formatted my hard drive I don’t have any of the earlier versions of this painting. You’ll just have to take my work for it. No tracing, just used reference beside my monitor. Would you believe I did this with a mouse, before I got my wacom!

In future posts I’ll try to include earlier stages of my work.


mmhhh…got a 403 …no permission to view the page/pic


You do not have permission to get URL ‘/large/indyart/female/attention_to_detail.jpg’ from this server.



That’s because direct linking to images on DA is not allowed and is a serious NO NO!!! :shame:


Permission shermission:annoyed: It get’s them more traffic. anyway… here is the full view of the pic in all it’s 12k glory


full res view


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