Character: Jade complete body


here she is, hope you’ll like her :slight_smile:
done with 3dsmax 5 and Paint Shop Pro for textures.

Update : (very) high resolution available here:

and here is another (older) version:

and the wire :


very nice…her head does remind me of kirsten dunst for some reason…

like it…:slight_smile: hehe

like em both but if i were to give critic…i would say everything looks very sharp en nice except for the pillar…it looks out of place for some reason…as if it has too much detail that its not showing it well enough…
mabey its the color or the relation to the wooden frame of the window…

but thats something you have to decide on your own…

nice pictures nonetheless…

greets niels


Hi again! :slight_smile:

Very Nice Work!!! :thumbsup: I love it! :love:


Looks amazing, great work dude.



heheheh… nice! her socks look much better that way!
like her titties… nice girl :wink:
belly looks tasty too… legs are long and nice… :stuck_out_tongue:
LOL j/king. i preffer the red-ish version.

fantastic job. love the textures.


liek! perfect work ,her pose is very cool !




I love the composition, bon travail! :thumbsup:


its awesome, except for the nipples area… it looks like theyre bleeding or something. if you wanna show nips, i say take off the armor then. i prefer completely opaque armor as the nips are somewhat distracting…

awesome work, nonetheless. :thumbsup:


As the wise words go… “I’d hit it!”

Only thing that catched my eye was the apparent thickness of her ankles. To my eye they should be slightly narrower.

Superb stuff. We want more poses! :slight_smile:


Really Superb and a big improvement from your wip.


very cool, and i agree: poses please :rolleyes:
i like the background paper-wall!


very very nice work~~~~
just great~~~


Superbe… :drool: rien a dire…

Reiv a quand une version animée ?? :wink:


yes really awesome
I always liked your work and so it will be in the future :wink:


:shrug: Oh~~God! I just can load the wire pic, the other two are very slow.

Maybe I must use a proxy.
A five stars rating post,exciting…


I really like the skin texture on her legs, her skin in not so “porcelain”. Also great model. Cheers!


Kill bill in the last samurai???:wise:


superbe reiv,:slight_smile:

j’aime beaucoup comment tu pose ton éclairage et le choix des couleurs.

ma seul critique est sur le stylisme de sa culotte, je la trouve pas trop sexy (presque rigide)alors que ton model l’est.


Great work. Dareowner likes the legs, and I like the texture on the cloth. Its a really great velvety texture.